1 Personal Year- DECEMBER is a 4 Personal Month For You


Reflection on this year: As your 1 Personal Year draws to a close, take a moment to recognize all that you’ve accomplished during this time and how this has allowed you to build and co-create a new chapter in your life.

As we say goodbye to 2021, you’re coming down from the beginning of a nine-year cycle with a few moments of uncertainty thrown into the mix. This time has been similar to starting a new chapter of a book and has undoubtedly been filled with new beginnings as you’ve learned how to embrace your independence and what makes you uniquely you.

If you haven’t embraced the call to start something new and let go of the old, you may be feeling a bit off-balance as the year draws to a close. And while the end of the year encompasses a feeling of relaxation, don’t expect to sit back just yet because the 4 personal month brings some serious energy with it, demanding effort and bravery.

It’s a race to the finish line and your 1 Personal Year is looking to have you finish strong.

With new chapters come transitions and embracing the waves of change is not always easy. Sometimes the waves are smooth and calm, providing a seamless transition, while others offer waters that are quite choppy. If you’re experiencing the latter and you feel as though you’ll never get to see the shoreline again, never forget that no matter how difficult things may seem, anything is possible if you take the necessary steps and make the decisions required to shift your reality.

This is the time to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s not enough to simply have the desire to change certain aspects of your life, you actually have to take the action necessary to make those changes!

It may seem obvious, but we are so often paralyzed by fear that we forget we are the co-creators of our reality. There are undoubtedly plenty of changes that you’ve had to endure this year – both blissful and challenging – but if you’ve been embracing these shifts and transitions in your life, don’t forget to check in with yourself and give the gift of kindness. Perhaps a well-deserved pat on the back too!

As you say goodbye to your 1 Personal Year and hello to 2 Personal Year, take a moment to reflect on the seeds that you have planted at the beginning of this year. What was the overall intention for this year? And what has this sprouted?

This can be anything from having started a new relationship to ending a career. No matter the change you experienced this year, the new year will allow you to reorganize yourself and take a slight pause.

Your 1 Personal Year can feel like a big one. If you feel as though you haven’t lived up to the potential of this year, remind yourself that even the disappointments and failures that you’ve experienced are an opportunity for you to launch yourself onto the path that you’re truly meant to be walking. There are no accidents when it comes to the Universe, only lessons! Sometimes we just need to get in touch with those brave, tenacious, and patient aspects of ourselves.

If you’ve been craving some quality time with those around you, something that this year hasn’t really allowed you to indulge in, 2022 will have plenty of time dedicated to people. Your 2 Personal Year will be a time to slow down and organize yourself, and provides an excellent opportunity for you to water and tend to the seeds you planted this year.

Slow down and surrender as you say hello to your 2 Personal Year.