1 Personal Year- February is a 3 Personal Month For You


1 Personal Year

February is your 3 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: Say hello to your creative side as you learn to surrender to the process and express yourself.

As you step into the month of February and make yourself comfortable, expect communication to be at the top of your to-do list this month. As you journey along the path that is your 1 Personal Year, there are plenty of work-related activities to come your way as your career takes center stage in 2022.

As February 28 rolls around, pay particular attention to a business situation that may present itself. Things may develop in a different way to how you expected, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just … a little different.

New beginnings are on the horizon this year! While this is such an amazing year to embrace the “new,” you don’t necessarily know what these new beginnings are just yet. Expect this year to feel similar to that of using a tiny flashlight to see the road ahead. You know there could be something in the distance, but you just can’t see it yet. Put on your decision-making hat, embrace the experience and set intentions – that’s what this year will ask you to do as you wade through the unknown. January was a bit of a taste-tester to what you can expect in your final year of this arduous three-year transition cycle. And while you may be feeling a little fatigued at this point, hold on tight, we’re almost at the finish line!

You’ll find yourself repeating the adage: “Good things come to those who wait” this year as you learn to breathe into patience and pace yourself as the year unfolds. Similar to sitting through the suspenseful moments of that favorite book, we all have those moments where we want to jump to the next chapter and find out if the hero made it out alive, but do your best not to skip ahead. It’s important to realize that the hard work you’re putting into your 1 Personal Year doesn’t happen overnight. The number 1 is a goal-orientated number and supports the energy of action, innovation, and creative thinking.

Speaking of creativity, the number 3 is here to shake things up – creatively that is. The energy of February (your 3 Personal Month) is all about nurturing your creativity, expressing your emotions, and stepping into confidence and communication. What sets your heart on fire and gets your engines revving? Harnessing this energy will allow you to step into the next level of expansion as you shine a light on the darker areas of your life.

Enjoy all that February has to offer, including its creative and social aspects.

This month can feel like you’re hitting the restart button as you look at  the world through fresh eyes. While the number 3 is all about creativity, it also supports self-improvement. If you’ve been itching to switch up your wardrobe or get that new haircut – it’s never been a better time.

You’ll have to lean into your creative energy this month in order to bring about an ending of some sort. This could be a job, relationship, or anything that’s no longer serving you. If you’ve been stalling because you’ve been waiting for the right time, just realize that there’s no such thing. Make sure you bring this something to a close, or something or someone may do it for you.

Your career may be looking good right now, and you may even feel as though new opportunities are making themselves known to you. Even better is the fact that February 11-16 may bring with it some potential opportunities that may be worth looking into.

One of the best things about the energy that number 3 brings into your life is that of creative self-expression and emotions. This is the perfect time to dig deep and tap into the shadows that hold you back from revealing the authentic you just waiting to be unearthed. Now, this is not an easy process and can be scary and exhausting, but it’s truly liberating to learn how to embrace the fullest expression of yourself.

Tap into your creative side and allow it to flow into various areas of your life, including work and relationships. Enjoy the ride! Try not to hold onto the reins too tight and inject a little fun into this month as you surrender and allow things to flow!