1 Personal Year- November is a 3 Personal Month For You


With this weird yet wonderful year slowly drawing to a close, the month of November is asking you to nurture a little optimism and dig deeper into your inner world by focusing on self-improvement.

You may be feeling as though you’re harboring a lot of stagnant energy during this time, but this is the perfect opportunity to release all that no longer serves you by unclogging the energetic debris and allowing it to flow as free and as beautiful as a life-giving river. With optimism being one of the keywords for November, you may feel as though you’ll need to reach down into the very depths of your soul to conjure an ounce of it, but this is the energy you’ll need to draw on as the year draws to a close.

You may feel as though sanity has flown straight out the window, but find balance by focusing on the lighter side of life. Indulge in some quality time with friends and connect with your community in whatever way that looks like to you. If you’re feeling called to throw a little get-together – do it! This is a wonderful time to have a little fun while flaunting your creative side.

Think of yourself as an artist and November as the blank canvas. Express yourself in ways that make your heart sing a joyful tune, especially in a manner that nurtures your creative side as you consciously satisfy your soul with things that leave you feeling good instead of lousy. A 1 Personal Year can be tough and undoubtedly filled with stress, but try and focus allowing a sense of joy to bubble to the surface as you get ready for the new year by cleaning up and dusting off – get a new haircut or sign up for that cooking class. Again, do what brings joy into your life as it will be crucial to ensuring that your emotional, physical, and mental health stays in tip-top shape.

Communication is another big word during November, so pay close attention to how you communicate with others and how they communicate with you. It’s very easy to accept the first source as fact, but try to fact-check in order to avoid misinformation as communication is bound to be tested throughout the month. Networking is also on the horizon, especially around November 9, as you may bump into a few creative individuals that add a new dynamic to your conversations.

With self-improvement being another factor to consider during this month, you may find that you’ll be getting your hands dirty with a few emotions. Instead of reacting to the emotion, take a minute to consider what it is you are actually feeling and take things from there. This will help you communicate and express yourself clearly and authentically. However, expect a few emotional breakdowns, breakthroughs, or both! These are all meant to take you into the new year as a beautiful and well-rounded individual ready to take on your 2 Personal Year.

With optimism and creativity at the center of this month, you’re only bound by the limits of your imagination. Don’t be afraid to improvise and tap into a little light-heartedness and humor, especially during those times you lose heart.