1 Personal Year- October is a 2 Personal Month For You


The month of October is all about ushering in a fresh and new way of doing things, with the keywords being: slow down, reflect and reset, but not forgetting to set those priorities.

While the end of the year is fast approaching, the month of October is resonating with some serious January energy. It may take you a minute, but it will be helpful to ponder everything that was happening in the first month of the year. Reflect on how this time around, you may be offered a chance to level up as you walk through a very similar experience this month.

Reflection and introspection will be your two best friends this month as you integrate the lessons and opportunities that will come your way during this time. While a 1 Personal Year often holds the energy of dashing to the finish line as you attempt to juggle errands and life in general, this is very much a time to pause and take a minute to enjoy the moment. Whether you want to or not, this month will stop you in your tracks, forcing you to stop for gas and adjust your GPS before you can get back onto the highway again.

Warning: October’s energy will feel much different than last months. Why? Because September was your peak month for the underlying energy of your 1 Personal year; which is all about ushering in new beginnings and managing all the work that must be done. Expect emotions to be heightened during October but embrace the change of pace. This could leave you feeling as though you’ve been hit by an emotional tidal wave that’s come out of nowhere, especially after a year filled with getting things done but remember that it’s okay to feel emotionally sensitive and responsive during this time – it’s all part of being human!

That emotional tidal wave may have you shifting your perspective and heading towards personal junctures that will inevitably lead to revelations that will take you in a new direction. It’s all in the name of integration, as your internal world (your soul and emotions) finally catches up with your external world, transforming you into a more complete and authentic version of Self. What’s growth without a little emotional upheaval, right?

Despite a month that feels like you’ll need to recalibrate and adjust your course, you’ll need to slow down first. The mad dash of the first few months will continue well into the first week of October but will slow down as the month progresses. If you’ve started any ventures, don’t be surprised if you experience a few delays on or around October 9th. While you may anticipate a few of them, expect a few surprises around October 18th.

October is also a month when relationships come into focus. Spend time with friends, nourishing these relationships as you take the opportunity to be social. Along with friendships, this could also be a month to realign your partnerships, get stuck into networking, or anything that involves team-building.

Anything that nourishes your soul with the intent of slowing down and taking a minute to yourself is a wonderful way to honor this time, along with embracing the flurry of emotions that may bubble to the surface.