2 Personal Year- DECEMBER is a 5 Personal Month For You


Reflection on this year: Emotional connection and intimacy has been the theme of your Personal Year. Take a minute to acknowledge how your experiences throughout your 2 Personal or 11/2 Personal Year have contributed to the important connections in your life.

Your 2 Personal Year has been a slow build-up that has most likely culminated in a considerable internal and external shift, especially in the last few weeks.

Freedom and what it looks like to you is the theme for December as you continue to add a few more bricks to the foundation that you’ve created for yourself throughout this year. You’ll likely build on this solid foundation as you enter the new year. However, it’s best to take full advantage of the light energy that December has to offer.

The holiday season brings with it plenty of opportunities to socialize and enjoy a well-deserved cocktail or two, but this is also a great time to check in with yourself and acknowledge all that you’ve been refining this year.

It’s time to follow your heart and allow change to take hold! Considerable change may be heading your way this month, especially if it involves something you’ve been hard at work with over the last few months.

As you say goodbye to this Personal Year, take a minute to reflect on the process involved in carrying yourself through this year. What were a few intentions you set at the beginning of the year? Did you start a new job or an intimate relationship? Perhaps you focused on yourself and decided to join a gym or book club.

Whatever your year looked like, your 2 Personal Year can sometimes feel as though you’ve been quietly sitting in a waiting room. The number 2 holds the energy of learning to juggle both harmony and teamwork as 2021 has called on you to look at how you embrace the divine feminine energy of softening, diplomacy and love when it comes to engaging with those around. However, you also had to confront your “push over tendencies” and be sure you were enforcing healthy boundaries while also cultivating patience. This also includes how you engaged with others at work, in personal relationships and life overall.

The number 2 also holds the energy of mediator and asks us to listen before reacting based on our own agenda. You’ve spent a good portion of the year building on the understanding of your emotions, a good thing as your 3 Personal Year will call on these skills.

There are plenty of opportunities to hone these skills in your 3 Personal Year as it asks you to build on your knowledge of your emotional self-expression. True mastery of this is possible in 2022. Expect to have moments of “I got this” and other times when you may feel as though you’re having to climb a mountain, especially when it comes to how you express yourself and how you engage with these emotions.

The upcoming year will also see you tap into your creative side as 2022 brings a lighter energy that will test your communication skills. Create, Create, Create! Your ability to create will be on another level. Lean into that!

December will certainly thrust you into the new year – in a good way – and will bridge the gap between your 2 Personal Year and your new year, which is bound to be filled with self-discovery and uninhibited creativity.