2 Personal Year- JANUARY is a 3 Personal Month For You


You may be hearing the angelic sounds of a harp playing in the background as you enter the end of a huge three-year transition cycle. Or at least, that’s what it may feel like with some rest finally on the cards.

Your 8 Personal Year (2019) was one of personal empowerment, following your 9 Personal Year (2020) of surrender and transformation, and finally ending with your 1 Personal Year (2021) which was all about harnessing the power of being active and taking initiative.

But wow, you’ve made it!

PATIENCE, in all caps, is what 2022 is all about. As you attempt to navigate this year, prepare yourself because it may sometimes feel as though you’re stuck in a waiting room that’s playing terrible music. Or it could feel like you’re trudging through mud.

Despite the frustration that may come with this, it’s the ideal time to turn inward and get to know the new and improved you! Emotions and the way you engage with them will step into the spotlight this year. If you’re ready to call in an authentic partnership this year, you may want to cultivate healthy energetic, and emotional boundaries for yourself.

Your soul is getting some much-needed spotlight time this year as the energy of 2022 calls on you to take a closer look at yourself on a soul level. It may sound like a big ask, but it’s more about learning to understand what you need more of in your life right now. Perhaps you need to set some healthy boundaries and learn to say  “no” when you need to and “yes” when you want to. This year may also call on you to take off that metaphorical mask and allow friends, family, and colleagues to get a closer look at who you truly are and how you feel.

The energy of this year will draw your attention to calling in experiences that will align with personal boundaries and ensure that you get more acquainted with who you truly are when placed under the microscope when it comes to any condition and situation.

It’s similar to a diamond being created under intense pressure, this year will ask some important questions such as: what are your core values? Who are you when no one is looking?

There will be some lessons centered on emotions this year as the energy of number 2 does not allow itself to be engulfed by emotions that are undisciplined. There will be some incredible opportunities for you to step into a deeper sense of self, especially when it comes to navigating self-worth as you learn to tackle this with diplomacy. Basically, becoming that incredibly empowered being that says no to being the family doormat or punching bag. Of course, this doesn’t only relate to family dynamics and can include friendships and romantic partners. On the flip side, you may be asked to let go of being too self-absorbed and not taking the feelings of those around you into consideration.

All of these emotions are balanced by the energy of the number 3, which asks us to be a bit more creative and light. January is bound to be a month filled with fun, creativity, and lots of connection as you focus your attention on personal development and getting to know yourself a little deeper. Fun and communication are two aspects that are highlighted by this number, so getting social and having fun are supported. Expression is a biggie when it comes to this number too, so grab your journal, canvas, or call your therapist because anything that gets things moving (in a good way) is what January is screaming at you to do. You can also check out my YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo and use the creative energy of the number 3 to plant seeds and manifest!

Also keep in mind, around January 17, 18 or 26th, some crucial social or work-related introductions may be made by colleagues or friends. To prepare for this, treat yourself to a mini makeover. Anything that allows you to put your creativity to work in a physical way will add fresh energy to your aura and keep you vibrating high!

Your summary for this month: Express those emotions, turn inward, and get creative!