2 Personal Year- October is a 3 Personal Month For You


Your emotional life comes under the microscope in the month of October as you continue learning to understand yourself and practice exerting those healthy boundaries. Learning to say no and yes when needed is never easy, but this year’s theme has been all about learning what works for you.

While being social has taken a bit of a backseat thanks to a global pandemic, there may be a desire to get out there and socialize, making this month all the more fun and buzzing with social activity. However, social meets emotional in October as the energy of this month presents you with opportunities to deepen your understanding of yourself and those around you.

Patience is a word that defines Personal Year 2. However, as you get ready for what lies ahead, especially in the creative Year 3, it can be easy to let go of your composure and the emotional self-mastery you’ve learned throughout this year. It’s important to keep your balance during this time, tapping into the magic of the Universe by setting intentions. This is a particularly magnetic time, as you lay the foundation for manifestations to come through in the coming year.

It’s a great time for introspection and digging a bit deeper as you get to know yourself inside and out. This will be particularly important as you enter the new year, which will focus on expanding and exploring the fun side of life.

If you’ve tapped into the energy of your 2 Personal Year, you will have made some amazing connections throughout the year. Whether personal or business, these relationships will move you forward and blossom into something that will take you to the next level. When it comes to business, it could be someone who is seriously invested in your talents. While in love, it can manifest as someone who wants to make the commitment to the next level. Either way, it’s all pretty exciting.

Emotions and self-improvement go hand-in-hand during October, making it the perfect time to put those emotions on stage as you work on staying in your power and creating a more authentic you.

An example of this could be your partner expressing certain aspects of the relationship that makes them unhappy. This is not the time to blow up, but to take a moment to listen and communicate in a way that’s aligned with your truth. No matter the situation, it will manifest as a confrontation that needs a different response that’s outside of the norm.

A few opportunities in your career may present themselves around October 11th, but again, patience is the key as it may take a few more months before any obvious results show up or before you can get involved. Don’t be shy – mingle! Around October 18th or 20th is the perfect time to meet a few new faces and do a few things that are not the usual – embrace it!