3 Personal Year: December is a 6 Personal Month For You


Reflection on this year: Emotions and creativity have been at the center of this year, and now is a great time to reflect on how this year has expanded these aspects for you. Do you know and understand yourself a bit better, especially when it comes to the emotional wellbeing that keeps your internal world turning?

Getting down and dirty with your emotions has been the theme for this year, so as this year slowly comes to a close, don’t forget to reflect on the lessons.

No matter your Personal Year, December is a time spent with family. However, for you, you can expect family and home to be front and center this month. Added family responsibilities and duties may pop up during December as you attempt to handle family obligations. However, brace yourself because a few issues surrounding pain or lack regarding your family may bubble to the surface during this time.

The holidays can be a difficult time for those dealing with feelings of trauma, loss, and a range of emotions rooted in those pesky family dynamics. However, these difficulties can pop up just as you’re getting ready to say goodbye to your 3 Personal Year, which could possibly raise questions around where you’re living. The number 6 is all about home, so expect the energy of this number to ruffle your feathers when it comes to questions related to this topic.

These questions can be something as simple as “where is your home?” To deeper questions such as “what makes you feel most at home?”

The energy of the 6 Month can feel a bit domineering but let go of this and you’ll realize that it offers an intense sense of fulfillment when you engage in a balanced way with loved ones.

If your home life feels a bit off-balance, the month of December could send a shockwave through you, placing the spotlight on this aspect of your life and forcing you to make the necessary decisions or changes needed when it comes to your home life.

Along with home, the number 6 is also about giving and being of service, and these aspects are perfectly aligned with the energy of this month. There is very much a strong focus on family, home, and children during December, which could show up as offering a gift that is sincere or more personalized.

If kids don’t form part of your immediate or extended family, take all that nurturing and give it to your inner child or whatever close relationships you’re eager to nurture. This can be anything from close friends, family, or even your fur babies. Anything that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

As you leave your 3 Personal Year behind and say hello to your 4 or 22/4 Personal Year, take a moment to reflect on the self-improvement you’ve been digging into this year. Did you learn to better understand your emotions? Or learn to communicate in a more effective way? Perhaps you’ve finally written that short story or ended that toxic relationship that impeded on your autonomy.

As you reflect on all you have accomplished emotionally this year, expect things to get a bit more real in the new year. Home and security will come to the foreground and can manifest as moving, building a home, or quietly contemplating what you consider to be home.

It’s time to get serious about yourself and your future. The upcoming year requires attention, management, and organization as you move in your desired direction. What’s that old saying again? “Slow and steady wins the race,” and that’s exactly the energy that the number 4 holds as it asks you to slow down, be intentional, and show a level of tenacity when it comes to accomplishing your desires.

It’s a process that requires perseverance and endurance. It’s best to “go with the flow” instead of swimming against the current – it will save you plenty of mental and emotional energy! While the energy of the 4 is all about forward movement, it’s incredibly important to schedule some much-needed “me-time” and create healthy practices that encompass all facets of your life.

The end of the year may leave you feeling as though it’s time to brace yourself for the year ahead as you get your ducks in a row. Thankfully, the number 4 is ready to support you throughout 2022 as you tap into its energy of hard work and getting things done as you intentionally create forward movement in your life.