3 Personal Year: FEBRUARY is a 5 Personal Month For You


3 Personal Year

February is your 5 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To explore the infinite possibilities that personal freedom has to offer.

The number 5 holds all the characteristics of a fun-loving friend, and that’s exactly the vibe of February. Expect personal expression and social aspects to come into the fold this month as you embrace your inner firecracker. With the support of number 5, spending time with friends and significant others is a great way to step into this month’s energy. Grab a drink with friends or make a few new ones.

You may feel the need to skip the small talk and dive right into the meaty bits as you find yourself gravitating towards deeper connections and communications. This month is all about exploring the social aspects of your life. Expect a lot of talking as you build on existing friendships, create foundations for new ones, and build stronger bonds with acquaintances as you focus on growing alliances that could prove to be the perfect collaborations in the future.

Has the wanderlust been hitting you pretty hard lately? February 7 or 16 may be a great time to pack your bags and enjoy some travel, although this may manifest as a virtual trip or online course. Either way, travel is on the cards for you during this time, whether that’s a weekend away or a virtual retreat you’ve had on your bucket list for a while.

Expect change to show up in big flashing lights as this month asks you to pay attention to particular situations which could be subject to unexpected shifts or a change in direction. February will be a great month to get into the flow of this year, which is bound to overflow with tons of change and transformation – this is only the beginning!

This is also a great time to switch things up. Check out that new restaurant you’ve been driving past for the last few months, or try a new dish. Basically, you may want to embrace the wave of change that’s headed your way by taking a step towards the unfamiliar.

But while change is on the horizon, so is choice – and lots of it. Have you ever been to a restaurant that has too many options on the menu? This month may feel a little like having to choose something on the menu when you’re just not sure what you’re craving. Along with this energy, the potent combination of the number 3 (your Personal Year) and the number 5 (your Personal Month) can make it a bit difficult to settle on something constructive, leaving you feeling a little distracted during this time. Add the emotional aspect of this year into the mix, and you may find yourself having to contend with a rollercoaster of emotions.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and have a little fun! February is a wonderful time to step out and enjoy the winter sunshine, although you may have to go in search of fun. Hop on a phone call with a friend and set some plans in motion, but don’t forget the motto of this month – try something new!

The 3 Personal Year can be filled with hard work and doesn’t exactly scream “fun,” but learning to find joy and pleasure in the tiniest moments during this year will ensure you come out on the other side as someone who has embraced both the exciting and challenging times. February provides you the space to do just that.