3 Personal Year: JANUARY is a 4 Personal Month For You


It’s time to let loose … responsibly of course! Your motto for this year is to express yourself.

The number 3 is all about fun, creativity, and expression. While those all sound like elements that will bring about a fun and exciting year, it’s also a year that will ask you to put your emotional life under the microscope – scary, right.

While your 3 Personal Year is meant to be a little lighter, social, and a time for more fun than 2021 was, those emotions eager to bubble to the surface may feel as though they’re dragging you down. This may require you to adjust your focal point in a way that forces you to see the ways in which you remain emotionally unavailable with friends, family, or partners. Or perhaps this is the year that pushes you to speak up for yourself when it comes to a certain family member. Whatever the scenario, your emotional life, and reactions, traumas, or the tired-old narrative you’ve been telling yourself at bedtime will be very much up in your face this year.

January is going to be a bit of a tricky month as it beckons you to walk a tight rope between the energies of the numbers 3 and 4. A bit like oil and water, 3 is all about expression, fun, and creativity, while the number 4 brings it all down to earth as it asks you to be a bit more practical and productive as you place your emotions on hold to forge ahead.

Yup, it’s a balancing act all right, but a great way to juggle the two is to find a way to enjoy the productive energy of number 4 while having a little fun – maybe do a little dance while you work.

Despite having to put on your serious pants in January, the rest of the year will provide you with the chance to kick it off and try something a bit less restrictive, especially when February rolls around. If a self-improvement project has captured your heart and imagination, this is the ideal time to put some plans into motion. Perhaps you have your eye on that nutrition course or you’ve finally decided to speak to a financial advisor to help you sort out your finances. Or if investing in real estate has been on your mind, lay down the foundation to make a purchase or sale of property a true possibility in 2022. Don’t be intimidated by the magnitude of any project, think of it as “one brick at a time” builds the house. You have to just lay brick by brick, one thing at a time, day by day.

Whatever the self-improvement task at hand – do it! January is a great time to get your affairs in order so that you can have a little fun as 2022 unfolds.

While the energy of numbers 3 and 4 may seem like polar opposites, one thing that they do have in common is that they ask you to take a closer look at emotional trauma rooted in family. Examples of this can be anything from expressing your thoughts on an experience that continues to follow you through life, or taking those emotionally traumatic experiences and using them to express yourself creatively – writing, painting, or music are all great ways of doing this.

No matter how this shows up for you, this month will ensure you have the perfect foundation needed to step into a more creative and communication-centered year. Also you can also check out my YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo to support your foundation building and manifestation magic!

Your Summary For This Month: Create and Build a launchpad that will catapult you into a creatively juicy year!