3 Personal Year: October is a 4 Personal Month For You


The number 4 is all about structure and getting down to business, and this month is resonating with this energy. The month of October is about creating and putting organized structures in place that will make your life easier – both in your personal and professional life.

Emotions have been a running theme throughout October, but this is especially evident when it comes to the 3 Personal Year, as you resonate with the energy of what this year is all about: expanding your inner world, having fun, and engaging with new subjects matters. It’s about expanding on various levels, but most importantly, it’s about discovering the weaker aspects of how you communicate, especially when it comes to expressing yourself emotionally.

The last 18-months have been a rollercoaster ride, and there’s no question that a lot of us have dipped in and out of a stressful or depressive state. However, this is a particular characteristic of Year 3, so don’t feel ashamed of this feeling. Allow your emotions to flow freely, embracing them like an old friend and seeking support from those around you when you need it. It’s okay to ask for help, don’t isolate yourself during this time as it will do more harm than good.

The smallest pebble in your path may feel like a giant boulder you need to climb but try not to allow these obstacles to derail you right now. As with everything in life, the way you react to a particular situation is cause for analysis, especially this month which resonates with the energy of number 4. Do you handle a difficult situation with grace or with anger? Taking a closer look at how you deal with matters during this time will be crucial, as number 4 is all about limitations and restrictions that require patience and attention when attempting to get to the other side.

While you may be met with moments of frustration, don’t forget that this year is about having fun and enjoying a few social moments as the new year will likely force you to place your social life on the back burner as a discipline and hard work come to the forefront.

You’ll be thinking about finances around October 18th. The month may also bring pressure from family members, as they bring an energy of need and interference into your life during this time, but remember to set clear boundaries – and stick to them!

This month is about structure, so quell the need to be impulsive as you take the time to set your goals and intentions for your future. Dream big and devote yourself to creating clear step-by-step actions that will allow you to achieve your heart’s desire.