4 Personal Year – December is a 7 Personal Month For You


Reflection on this year: Take a moment to recognize how all that you’ve experienced throughout your 4 or 22/4 Personal Year has allowed you to create a solid launchpad that will thrust you into success for the years to come.

For all your hard work, effort, and determination, this month may bring heaps of delicious rewards.

However, if you’ve been dodging your responsibilities and the necessary work that needed to be done this year, you may be feeling a bit frustrated, unproductive, or as though you’re floating in an abyss. No matter which path you decided to walk this year, December will conclude this year on an introspective note.

December time is usually filled with plenty of cocktail parties and dinners for many people, but the mere thought of dressing up and heading out may leave you feeling exhausted. A good book and your bed are all you need right now, especially after an arduous year that’s required plenty of tenacity to power through.

Thankfully, December will ask you to slow down, recharge, and reflect. You may be feeling the energy of freedom and adventure that’s associated with your 5 Personal Year as it slowly begins to creep in, but it’s time to pause and slow down, not put your foot on the gas. You’re at the epicenter of new potential structures that are brewing and getting ready to manifest and it’s going to be a big one.

However, now is not the time to be hasty. You’ll still need to wrap things up with a nice bow, with some growth experiences and new desires still on the horizon.

As you say hello to your 5 Personal Year, it’s time to reflect on what this year of foundation-setting has looked like for you? This could be anything from dealing with a strange family situation to struggling to create an overhaul for that health concern you’ve been dealing with. Perhaps this has been a year filled with hard work and perseverance, and December is bringing you those yummy rewards – finally!

Discovering your sense of freedom can be as simple as asking the question: what does freedom look like to me? The new year is dedicated to stirring things up, becoming more independent and confident, and being open to substantial change.

After a serious year filled with work, the new year – thankfully- brings some fun. Don’t forget to embrace the unknown and indulge your curious side, especially when walking the road less traveled.