4 Personal Year – FEBRUARY is a 6 Personal Month For You


4 Personal Year

February is your 6 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To examine home and family as you get organized and establish long-term objectives.

If “seeking clarity” was a person, they’d be standing outside your house, tapping on your window right now. This year is a biggie, and now is the ideal time to set goals that will be implemented as the year unfolds. You may be feeling a little like the Greek God, Atlas, who carried the earth on his shoulders as it can feel like a heavy year.

While you may be looking and waiting for the work to hit your desk, understand that this may not be a year that relates to your career but is a year that will require you to put in the work as you explore all the areas of your life that you’d like to nurture and develop. This year will be a test of your commitment as you work out the kinks and create a process that allows you to manifest what it is you’re looking to develop in a real and pragmatic way. The journey is never easy. Sometimes it’s easier to come down on ourselves when things don’t go exactly how we’ve envisioned. This is your reminder to be gentle with yourself as you start to set long-term goals. You must try to keep your optimism high as you implement higher levels of discipline.

Write down what this looks like to you. Perhaps it’s a career opportunity you’ve been looking into or a way in which you can switch up your financial life. As you learn what’s important in your life right now, you may feel anxiety creep to the surface as you attempt to solidify these goals.

This month is sprinkled with a little home, love, family, and responsibility thanks to the energy of the number 6. Brace yourself for home and family to take center stage around February 3 -12th, which could lead to a few disagreements or miscommunications. If a few legal, tax, or insurance issues show up during the month of February as well, relating to your home, partner, or family property, be sure to prioritize the necessary steps needed to resolve them.

Home, responsibility. Responsibility, home. The two are indistinguishable at this point!

You may need to prioritize some time for crucial family engagements during the weeks of February 14th or 23rd. This may also be a time that requires you to support certain family members as they move through a few challenges.

With family being placed under the microscope of your 4 Personal Year, you may find yourself re-examining that icky family “box” that you’ve stashed under the bed to gather dust. This year supports you in dusting off the box, examining its contents, tossing what no longer serves you, and transforming old family behaviors into something new and productive.

The number 4 is often characterized by restriction which is not always a bad thing, so expect this to show up in some way as you navigate home and family. However, family and your home life isn’t the only thing that shows up this month. Expect a little forward momentum in the area of business, but don’t expect anything to fall in your lap, as a certain level of ceaseless effort and hard work is required. It may not sound fun, and it certainly won’t be a walk in the park, but this is exactly what will be asked of you as you kick off those long-term goals and plans your looking to bring to fruition in the near future.

Don’t worry; hard work does pay off! Set your intentions, work hard, and trust that your concentrated effort and energy will eventually bear much fruit in your life.