4 Personal Year – November is a 6 Personal Month For You


Home is where the heart is, and November will ask you to focus your attention on your home and love life, an endeavor that will be supported by the domestic energy of number 6. This may come in several forms, including financial or refurbishing matters that will need particular attention or clarification – particularly around November 2 to 11.

You may feel called to release the old and bring in the new, which could manifest as redecorating or a little “Spring cleaning.” There’s also a strong focus on children during this time, whether that means a focus on your own, kids in general, or taking time out to nurture your inner child. Acknowledging that your inner child needs a moment to enjoy playtime too will make all the difference this month.

A word that usually comes to mind when we think of home is safety and security. The combined energies of 4 Personal Year and the 6 Personal Month will likely bring this sense of security and “what home means to you” to the forefront, which can manifest very literally as moving homes or metaphorically as having to deal with family-related issues.

A word to meditate on during November is balance. While the number 6 holds the energy of domestic happiness, it also offers nurturing, harmony and stability. Ground into these energies during this month and simply go with the flow as you attempt to be a little kinder to yourself, forgoing judgment and allowing your heart and soul to spill into everything you do.

The New Year is slowly approaching, and it can feel as though you’re reaching the end of a long marathon. Push through and embrace the coming energy of the year ahead – it’s bound to be a good one!