4 Personal Year – October is a 5 Personal Month For You


If 4 Personal Year is all about laying foundations, battening the hatches, and setting play aside to focus on work, then this time of the year can feel like a build-up to something. Basically, you’re feeling a bit stir-crazy, and you’re ready to let your hair down and have some fun.

The month of October is resonating with the energy of number 5 – a fun-loving and freedom-seeking number. However, this can feel a bit weird when compared to 4’s energy, which is all about structure and focus. While it may feel like a recipe for disaster, it’s actually the ingredients for a beautiful cake that will ensure a fruitful new year as you ask yourself the question: “what does freedom mean to me?” Remember, the theme for 2022 is freedom, so this question is a biggie.

There’s no question that this year may feel like your world has been shaken up and you’re just trying to keep your balance, especially after a year that’s been filled with anxiety and uncertainty. This “shake-up” may be more evident in your career, health, or any area of your life where you’ve laid a foundation to propel you into the new year.

October 9th or 18th will see a few of your endeavors move forward, but make sure you pay close attention to the progress of these projects. You may feel a bit all over the place this month, especially around October 7th and 25th, but remedy this by making sure that you prioritize and sprinkle your to-do list with a little fun. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break as you indulge in new people and adventure!

Because you’ve prioritized hard work for the last few months, certain aspects of your life may have fallen to the wayside. Grab the energy of this month and run with it as you spend some time nourishing your soul and body, particularly the latter. Cut yourself some slack on the work front this month but don’t neglect the needs of your physical body.