5 Personal Year – December is a 8 Personal Month For You


Reflection on this year: It’s time to reflect on how this Personal Year has opened new doors to what you consider freedom, especially when it pertains to a permanent or vital change in your path.

Change and freedom are two words you’ve come to embrace over the past year, and as you place your 5 Personal Year in the rearview mirror, you’re doing this with a bang!

While this year may have been filled with plenty of gusto, December will certainly bring additional enthusiasm. During this time, you may be presented with an opportunity that will allow you to step into your personal power, which could leave you with a financial reward in the end.

The finish line is in sight, so make sure that you’re not distracted by things off to the side as you power walk your way to the end. If you have been working on something throughout the year, December may allow you to reap the rewards.

Don’t be surprised if money becomes a focus this month because it’s time to get your financial affairs in order! The energy of this month will also offer you a chance to expand your business or enjoy the benefits that come with someone else’s influence – don’t forget to say thank you! It’s probably not the best time to start something new or commit to anything serious until January. Instead, be open to possibilities and get them ready for the new year.

December can be the cherry on top of your delicious cake if you let go of the frantic pace and commit to rolling up your sleeves. There are a few empowering moments on the horizon that will offer you the opportunity to balance and ground yourself into a sense of empowerment.

Depending on which aspect of your life you’re currently focused on, be it relationships, work, or health, you’ll be given the necessary opportunities to step into your power and draw a line in the sand – no matter what that looks like for you. Expect plenty of discomfort when it comes to finding your power, but be open to the process.

As you close off your 5 Personal Year, take a moment to contemplate the intentions that you established at the beginning of this year. Did you have a chance to get to know some incredible people? Did you make that extraordinary change you’ve been craving? Or perhaps this year brought with it struggles and feelings of being overwhelmed and scared.

While your 5 Personal Year may have been about socializing and freedom, expect the new year to focus on family, home, and friends. This is the time to step into diplomatic and selfless shoes as you consider everyone’s needs and embody this energy as you interact with those around you. It’s a year filled with questions as you dive deeper into a sense of self and how you relate – what does love feel like to you? What does responsibility look like to you? These are a few of the questions you’ll be contemplating.

This can manifest as a tug towards a deeper commitment such as marriage or wanting to start a family. If you’re single, this can show up as manifesting a soulmate. Romantic relationships don’t have to be the only thing on the agenda, but the energy of the new year can also pull you towards wanting to change the dynamics within family or friendships.

2021 may have offered you adventure and freedom, but a new and different adventure awaits as you dive deeper into the realm of home and relationships. The impending year is asking you to focus on up-leveling your relationships, ensuring the perfect time to attract new and incredible relationships.