5 Personal Year – February is a 7 Personal Month For You


5 Personal Year

February is your 7 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To take time out to contemplate, gather data, and find the right configuration as you speed along the highway of your Personal Year.

While you may not necessarily find yourself cross-legged meditating on a mountain, February will ask you to slow down and sit with yourself. This energy is a bit of a contrast to the fast-paced energy that your 5 Personal Year brings to the table. However, this is a time to gather information, metaphorically set up a spreadsheet, analyze the data and figure out what’s next.

You may be grateful that you took the time to unplug and spend much-needed quality time with yourself, as you’ll be hitting the pedal pretty hard when March rolls around. February is the ideal time to enter all the relevant coordinates into your GPS before speeding down the highway.

There are certain factors that you will need to have a closer look at as you assess some possible shifts and find ways to put them into action. Don’t expect to have that eureka moment, as answers and ideas will most likely come slowly and through contemplation.

If you’re feeling a pull towards spirituality this month, especially during the week of February 18, pull out your yoga mat and spend some time meditating. Any time spent doing the things that enable you to uplevel in this area of your life is encouraged this month. This can be reading books, attending classes, taking an online course, or grabbing your journal and writing – anything that brings deeper understanding.

The two energies swirling around during the month of February are the number 5 (your Personal Year) and the number 7 (your Personal Month) – two very potent energies that have a tendency to build up and will eventually require a healthy release. Think – healthy eating, a consistent exercise regime, and consciously unraveling unhealthy emotional patterns. February is an amazing month to step into healthier patterns and create routines.

Take off your shoes and frolic in Mother Nature, or join that local hiking group. Find healthy ways to release and process emotions this month in whichever way makes you happy.

Freedom is the theme for 2022, so expect a few moments to pop up that force you to focus on what this means to you as you dissect this and integrate it into your life. You’ll find yourself really deep-diving into what this means to you – is it just another word? How would you like it to show up in your life? Expect a few of these questions to come up as you spend more time contemplating its meaning.

February is all about digging, unearthing gems, and cataloging your findings. It’s a month of filling up your database. Trust in divine timing as not everything will require immediate action. Surrender and allow things to flow. If you get still in nature and listen close enough, you’ll know exactly what to do.