5 Personal Year – November is a 7 Personal Month For You


It’s time to put your foot on the brakes as November asks you to slow down and turn inward.

Rest and relaxation are two words you need to embrace during this time – in whichever form that shows up for you. Head to the desert for some peace and quiet, or spend a few more minutes enjoying the beauty of nature, dabble in anything that ensures your heart is bursting with joy and leaves you feeling rested.

While finding a peaceful space to contemplate the beauty of this year should be on your to-do list, don’t forget about your physical body. You may be feeling out of sorts or frazzled when it comes to your home or work life, so make sure you prioritize seeing a healthcare professional to get a much-needed physical check-up.

Solo time is calling your name, so don’t fight it! Instead, lean into the desire to dig a little deeper and do some self-exploration as it’s bound to take you on a beautiful journey towards your authentic self. Defining freedom has been the theme throughout the year. This could have shown up as financial freedom or physical freedom as the 5 Personal Year has really highlighted just what freedom means to you and how you can create this for yourself.

Drilling down to your soul’s core and asking life’s burning questions has also been one of the big focuses for this year, but as the New Year fast approaches, a sense of responsibility, family and home may take center stage and will likely start to manifest in the coming months. Between November 9th and 27th, you’ll probably find yourself contemplating a few significant matters as they are likely to pop up during this time.

While the number 5 brings a certain level of contemplation, it also brings a few pleasures, including travel and matters in the realm of sensuality. And yes, that includes sex! Hopefully, you’ll have time to reflect on all of the glorious pleasures that this Personal Year has brought into your life, no matter what they may be.

Again, this is a month that’s asking you to slow down and reflect on the year that’s passed,  taking a quick pause on how you’d like to tackle the future. This year has brought plenty of changes, so set your to-do list aside and take time out to enjoy a moment alone, creating a space for you to really contemplate the year that you’ll soon put to bed.