5 Personal Year – October is a 6 Personal Month For You


They say home is where the heart is, and that appears to be a running theme throughout October as you turn your attention to home-based responsibilities and relationships. This can manifest as a sense of urgency or a distinct desire to focus on your home life.

Irrespective of how it presents itself, you’ll instinctively be ramping up your efforts to nurture relationships and focus on your duties and responsibilities during this time. The energy of number 5 is playful, so you may find yourself fighting against this need to play versus nourishing those in your intimate circle.

The month of October is influenced by the number 6, which supports domestic life and acceptance. This is particularly important as you learn to step away from judgment and take on the energy of supporting instead. Along with taking on your fair share of the responsibility – however, that may manifest in your life.

While your home environment and a sense of duty take center stage, so does love. Budding romance may be on the horizon during this month, particularly during the week of October 14th. However, this is a great time to focus on relationships in general, particularly family.

The energy of your 5 Personal Year may feel contradictory to the love-prone energy of number 6, a number which October is resonating with; however, you need to learn how to integrate these two very different energies during this time. If commitment has been on your mind lately, especially during this personal year of exploration and experimentation, this month is the perfect time to enter a more serious commitment. Perhaps this looks like someone you’ve been casually dating for a while. Expect to feel a significant shift during October as you get more serious.

Home and love are on the cards this month. It’s also a great time to take care of a few home-related things that you’ve been putting off, whether that be repairs or updates.