6 Personal Year – December is a 9 Personal Month For You


Reflection on this year: Take a moment to recognize the experiences that your 6 Personal Year has brought and how it has reshaped every facet of your relationships.

Home and family have been the center of your world this year, and depending on how you’ve dealt with the issues that came bubbling to the surface, you could feel incredibly proud of yourself or you could be hanging your head in frustration.

On the flip side, you could have experienced both of these emotions this year. December is a good time to pat yourself on the back as you look back on all you have accomplished in the realm of family and relationships. It’s also a great time to pump the brakes, taking a moment to tie up loose ends that pertain to decisions, possibilities, and events that have taken place throughout 2021. This would also allow you to place the puzzle pieces together and see the bigger picture.

Its been a year filled with obligations, especially when it comes to family and friendships. No relationship has been safe from the keen eye that comes with the energy of number 6 as everything is up for review. Hopefully, you’ve made it through this year with minor cuts and bruises. If not, remember to take a moment to admire the big picture – everything is for your highest good.

It can only go up from here!

While you may still be in the thick of things when it comes to the energy of this year, this is only heightened when you add the energy of number 9 into the mix as  December becomes a time to put “the pedal to the metal.” But while you’d love to hit the gas and go-go-go, it’s best to slow down this month as you contemplate the year and place things into perspective. With most relationships on the chopping block, it’s an excellent time to take a look at what you’ve kept in your life and decided to nurture. Along with what you have consciously let go of or allowed to slowly fall away.

As you head into your 7 Personal Year, take a moment to contemplate the intentions you’ve set at the start of 2021. Which of those have you allowed to blossom?

Perhaps this year has brought countless heartfelt moments with friends, family, and those you hold close to your heart. Or maybe you have spent most of the year doing a juggling act as you attempted to balance those feelings of giving too much of yourself and not enough.

Perhaps you established authentic connections as you endeavored to weed out that and those who no longer serve your best interests. Whatever you’ve been dealing with this year, your 7 Personal Year will be a drastically different experience.

When January hits, expect to focus on yourself in the most beautiful and intense way possible. This year may have seen you place the needs of others before your own, but the energy of number 7 will call on you to go inward and reflect on the unspoken and beautiful mysteries that make life unique.

Expect behavioral patterns and deep-rooted issues to bubble to the surface as you embrace the aspects of introspection that the 7 Personal Year will bring. Seeking solitude to turn inward and examine how you show up for yourself and those around you will be a big theme as you dig into issues that will offer a springboard for you to dive even deeper into yourself.

Rest and relaxation may be on the cards for the coming year, but don’t expect too much downtime as you work on your internal world. There’s plenty of soul-searching coming up in the new year with lots of potential for learning when it comes to career, play, and life in general.