6 Personal Year – JANUARY is a 7 Personal Month For You


Expect 2022 to be a time devoted to relationships, especially when it comes to how you relate to yourself and with those around you. Along with this, your domestic life is another aspect that will be placed under the microscope this year, with home, family, responsibilities, and service all asking for attention.

This new year will offer you a chance to really examine what “home” means to you and could manifest as moving into a new home, making some much-needed home renovations, or watching your home-based business blossom into something more significant.

The energy of this year is focused on relationships, especially when it comes to anything that no longer serves you within this realm.

However, January will feel quite reflective as you focus your attention on spiritual endeavors and coming up against obstacles that will force you to take a deeper look at yourself. This reflects the intuitive energy of the number 7, offering the perfect springboard from which to dive right into the relationship and domestic-orientated 6 Personal Year that lies ahead. Number 7 asks you to slow down and turn inward as you listen to the wise and subtle messages of your inner compass.

Around January 6, expect a few financial or health-related matters to take priority. You’ll feel a push to address issues regarding your relationship (s) with a partner, friends, or family between January 9 and 18 which will require you to take some time out and do some introspection.

With your 6 Personal Year being a time focused on domestic life and relationships, it’s no surprise that family and home matters are jumping into the front seat as you spend more time focusing on these areas of your life in 2022. However, remember that relationships, love, and duty can come in different shapes and sizes, so expect to tackle these aspects perhaps in a different way. The 6 Personal Year also brings the energy of judgment to the forefront and can show up in a way that allows you to examine how we judge, especially when it relates to how we judge others and ourselves.

With that being said, January is not a time for action, but rather, a time for collecting data and creating a plan of action that you’ll be able to implement. Perhaps the pressure has been building in your relationship and it’s come to a point where a decision needs to be made. Do you break up or move forward together? January can be a time where you gather the necessary research to make a decision. This can show up as finding a couple’s therapist or bringing your concerns to your partner’s attention in a loving way.

However, an impending break-up isn’t the only way this energy can show up, but can also manifest as you and your partner considering marriage or the next level of your relationship. In this case, it is a time for you to contemplate where you would like this relationship to go and how you would like to feel.

Remember, the energy of number 7 is all about research and analyzing the information collected.

Nevertheless, January is a great time to sit back and reflect on the relationship-heavy year that lies ahead. Lean into the slow energy of this month as you rest up for a year that will be dedicated to utilizing more of your energy and sharing it with others.

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Summary for the month of January: To get reflective on your deepest relationship wants and needs. Be sure to take time for yourself, because your energy will be devoted to others quite often throughout the year.