6 Personal Year – November is a 8 Personal Month For You


“Let’s get down to business,” says November as you take things up a notch and focus on business and personal empowerment. November is also your second 8 Personal Month of the year with the first having taken place in February, so take a moment to think back on how you felt and what issues arose … anything similar this month?

Business is the word of the month, which can take the form of literal dealings within your business or the business of family and relationships. You may find yourself grabbing hold of the wheel as you take control of your life in a more intense manner. You may even find yourself having an intense pull to dig a little deeper into the matter of family as you take a closer look at karma, patterns of behavior, and ancestry, finding new methods of understanding these topics. Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself researching past-life regression, hypnotherapy, or purchasing juicy new books that may help you better understand these topics.

While 6 Personal Year has seen you focus on family this year, money may have your attention during the month of November. Creativity has also been a big one this year, so hopefully, you’ve had a chance to indulge your creative side.

The energetic combination of 6 and 8 is providing you with the necessary support to make things happen. This can show up as creating something from nothing or breathing life into something that was once worthless and adding value to it. While family and love have been the priority, you may also have felt a need to sit down and enjoy time alone as you nurture and make yourself a priority.

Keep this in mind as you get ready to brace yourself for a challenging month that will ask you to get your finances in order and embrace your empowered identity within the domestic and relationship arena.