7 Personal Year – December is a 1 Personal Month For You


Reflection on this year: Take a moment to reflect on how your 7 Personal Year has re-shaped your internal world and provided you with a new level of connection with yourself in indescribable and vital ways.

The ice is melting and the weather is getting a bit warmer – it’s time to climb out of the cave you’ve been hibernating in.

December is set to give you a little taste of what you can expect in the new year. It’s time to stop hitting the snooze button and get ready to take action as you hit the big green GO button. Thankfully, this month will allow you to ease into the coming year as you embrace your sense of innovation, independence, and uniqueness.

It’s time to put what you’ve learned this year into practice as your self-confidence gets tested. Take advantage of everything you’ve learned, calling on your skills when self-doubt rears its ugly head as you allow your self-confidence to be the shining light when things get a little cloudy.

Let your intuition be your navigator this month, along with calling on those you trust to provide you with the support you need in whichever area of your life needs that extra bit of attention.

As you absorb the teachings of this year, you may have hopefully come to the realization that the difficult experiences that this year and beyond have and will continue to offer you, is an opportunity to gain wisdom. Allow these difficult moments to lift you up instead of bringing you down. Don’t forget – life is a classroom and we are its students!

As you come to grips with this last month, now is the perfect opportunity to cultivate something new that will take you into the upcoming year. Whether it’s starting a new relationship or learning a new language, this is the perfect time to start something that you would love to see bloom in 2022.

While your 7 Personal Year may have felt as though you were standing in place, the coming year will be action-packed. As the new year quickly approaches, you’ll start to realize that it will be a year of doing things rather than spending time contemplating and analyzing. As you say hello to your 8 Personal Year, remember that it’s always beneficial to step outside of your comfort zone and take some level of risk. Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect moment. If it feels like the next step, go for it!

As you say sayonara to your 7 Personal Year, take a moment to contemplate the intentions you have set at the beginning of the year. What did you choose to focus on?

Did you unearth deep-rooted behavioral patterns that no longer serve you? Did you experience a spiritual awakening? Perhaps you let go of something that caused you immense suffering and pain, embracing a new perspective in the process.

Like a butterfly escaping its cocoon, this new year will offer you the perfect stage to showcase this new sense of self as you bridge the gap between your internal and external world. Your 8 Personal Year is the perfect playground for letting your new ideas and aspects of your authentic self roam free, providing the ideal opportunity to bring things into the physical world.

December can either feel as though everything is heading your way at once, or it can feel incredibly liberating. This all depends on where you find yourself mentally and emotionally at present.

The energy of number 7 rushes to meet that of number 1 as they combine to give you a revived sense of purpose – something you most probably haven’t experienced before. Brace yourself – this is the start of a new, crucial, and transformational time in your life.

Your personal power will also be tested in the coming year, so get ready to step into action as you make things happen.