7 Personal Year – February is a 9 Personal Month For You


7 Personal Year

February is your 9 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To sit with yourself and follow your internal flow as you get ready to make some big shifts.

February is the perfect time to sit quietly with yourself and listen to the directions that are beeping at you from your internal GPS. There’s a sense of calm and gratitude pulsating from your inner core right now, which could leave you feeling as though you’re floating in an ethereal plain while still being rooted in reality.

This conundrum may leave you feeling as though you’re stuck in the middle of the ocean and unable to find your North Star, but this doesn’t mean you should wait for the rescue teams to come and save you – do it yourself. An excellent way to do just that is to carve out some quality time with yourself. Go for a walk, join a meditation or yoga group, add extra bubbles to the bath and stay a little longer.

As you get familiar with the energy of this year, you may feel that some big shifts are coming. Think of this year as a beautiful budding vegetable garden. You may not know exactly what you’ve planted and what your garden will produce, but as you shower it with love and mindfulness, it will lead you on an amazing adventure that leads you to some delicious gems.

Contemplation is the keyword this year!

It’s all about peeling back the onion layers and discovering new expressions of yourself and how you understand the world around you. This year will offer up the ideal foundation for you to get to know yourself on a soul level as you contemplate the next step in your evolution and step into a deeper sense of self.

Scared? Don’t be! This is a beautiful process, but don’t expect it to happen overnight. You may find yourself peeling back layer after layer throughout the year as you get ready to usher in the new you.

A great way to look at this soul-searching phase of your life is through curious eyes. How can I be of service to the collective in this life? what are my unique gifts and talents? It may be a heavy-handed question, but as you attempt to sit with these questions, you may find that it can be a heart-opening experience with plenty of revelations along the way.

As February 9 rolls around, you may be feeling some important shifts taking place. This can manifest as a shift in a relationship or an area of your career. As you feel into the energy of February, you may find yourself needing to take some time out – just for you – around February 18. Act on this impulse to seek solitude and carve out some much-needed me-time.

While the number 7 is asking you to dig deep and do the inner work, the energy that number 9 brings to this month can feel a bit more philosophical or emotional, but in a way that makes it hard to figure out as this is a number that’s all about endings and letting go.

As you spend some time with yourself, it may also be a great idea to find a method of healing that you feel comfortable doing. This can be energy healing, yoga, meditation, or spending time in nature. Give yourself the time and space you need in order to work through the shifts that are taking place in your inner and outer worlds right now and don’t resist what comes and goes. Just flow!