7 Personal Year – November is a 9 Personal Month For You


How does that famous song go again? “Let it go!” You may be singing this tune at the top of your lungs in November as you let go and turn inward, an endeavor that’s supported by number 9’s energy of endings, beginnings, and transitions. Your intuition will play a big role this month, so ground yourself into that inner guidance system because she’s not great at shouting the directions, she prefers to whisper. So, what’s the trick to listening to the delicate whispers of your intuition? Pause. Breathe and listen. Taking up a meditation practice during this time may be a helpful way to connect.

If you’ve been doing some inner work throughout the year and something particular has been coming up for you, know that this will reach its climax during the week of November 7. A few spiritual insights may be heading your way around November 16th, so get ready for a number of incredible epiphanies.

7 Personal Year has been filled with countless moments of shedding the old to make room for the new, a perfect transition as you head into the New Year and into the beginning of the end as this cycle slowly draws to a close. Emotions may be heightened this month – don’t fight it. Greet it like an old friend, invite it for coffee and sit with it. It’s so important to hold space for your emotions and find ways to express them in healthy ways as the alternative is often detrimental to your physical, emotional, and mental health.

While the new cycle is quickly approaching, November is still not the ideal time to start anything new. This month is all about bringing things to a close, conclusions, and saying your farewells. It’s not the perfect time to launch anything new – but this will happen soon, so be patient. Goodbyes are not always easy and many of us resist and refuse to let go, but know that any shedding process is for our greatest good. “When one door closes, another one opens” – right?

While you may feel some sense of resistance to moving on to the next chapter, think of it as a graduation to the next step of life. Be understanding, patient, and gentler with yourself and others during this time. Taking stock of all that you’re grateful for may be a great way for you to bring things into perspective during this time.