8 Personal Year – December is a  2 Personal Month For You


Reflection on this year: Take a moment to reflect on how your 8 Personal Year has tested your sense of empowerment and encouraged you to not settle as you ask for what you deserve.

This month is powered by the high vibrational energy of the Master 11/2, so don’t be surprised when certain revelations come knocking as you reach levels of enlightenment that will change you.

While this year may have been filled with action, December is a great time to slow down and embrace the roadblocks on this journey. This year has been an intense one, so take a moment to digest what you’ve experienced in 2021.

Would you classify this year as a success?

Do you feel a sense of empowerment coursing through your veins that wasn’t there when you started this year? This month brings relationships and love to the forefront as you seek input and help from others – definitely, a contrast to the lone ranger status you’ve felt throughout the year.

Your nervous system may be up in arms as you battle bouts of anxiety, but a simple cure is putting on your shoes and taking a walk outside with a few friends, whipping something up with the kids, or socializing with loved ones.

If you’re willing to take a breather, you’ll find that this is an enlightening month for you. However, while there may be some forward momentum, there will also be some obstructions that will force you to slow down, testing your patience in the process.

As you welcome your 9 Personal Year, take a moment to reflect on the intentions you set at the start of this year. Have they come to fruition during this action-packed year?

Did you step into your power? Did you reap any financial rewards or contemplate your finances? Perhaps you felt as though you were unwillingly strapped onto a rollercoaster that forced you to question your sense of self.

This year has been packed with lots of forward momentum, but as it draws to a close, you may feel as though it’s time to let go and surrender.

Focus, organization, and direction have been the theme for this year, but the new year will bring with it a chance to close the gap between what should stay and what should go. This will be a year that allows you to clean out your closest as you sift through the aspects that you no longer need or want. However, this will require plenty of patience.

You’re saying goodbye to a very powerful year. If you’ve flowed with the energy of number 8, you’ve most probably overcome the obstacles and cultivated your financial abundance during this time, creating a solid foundation and establishing clear boundaries that have allowed you to remain within your power.

The new year will bring about the end of a cycle for you. It’s the beginning of the end, so get ready, set … go!