8 Personal Year – February is a  1 Personal Month For You


8 Personal Year

February is your 1 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To focus on launching into a year filled with business and career-orientated adventures.

Your introduction to your 8 Personal Year was filled with a few highly emotional moments and the need to wrap up loose ends. There’s no question that January provided the perfect platform for you to recalibrate and prepare yourself for the potent energy that the number 8 is bringing to the table as you utilize the knowledge you’ve gathered in your 7 Personal Year as you navigate 2022.

The number 8 holds the energy of achieving life’s goals, and that’s exactly how things start this month. New career-related opportunities may come your way around February 7. Don’t forget to put your business hat on this month as it’s the start of a highly productive time.

While it’s always fun to fantasize about the future, this is not the time to do that. Forward momentum is key as you contemplate, plan, prep, and take action on what you desire most from life.

The 8 Personal Year requires focus and hard work. Expect plenty of hard butt kicks from this Personal Year’s empowerment boots and plenty of tough love as you step into your authenticity and power. While this year will definitely not be a walk in the park, many cross the finish line feeling thankful for all the hard and beautiful lessons learned as they reap the rewards of the year. A lot of people also experience great financial rewards in their 8 personal year but keep in mind that this requires action.  Push aside that voice in your head that says you can’t do it and tap into your inner knowing and sense of abundance.

February 12 and 18 may call on you to simply get on with it, so to speak, as you attempt to complete a few projects. A few challenges may cross your path during the week of February 21, but reroute and keep going.

Feel your creative senses tingling? This is an especially fruitful time for you to put your creative ideas into motion. No matter how weird, wonderful or strange – go with it! The energy of the personal month number 1 (new beginnings) definitely supports this! It’s so easy to get into our heads, but this is not the time for that. Remember – take action and tap into your inner confidence warrior!

The focal point for this year is all about finances and empowerment, but 2022 is also filled with plenty of opportunities to manifest your dreams and desires – how exciting?

Are you ready to embrace success and your own true and unbridled satisfaction? As you ponder on this question throughout the year, the month of February is turning off the lights and setting the mood for you, especially when it comes to what you’re choosing to focus your attention on and engage with in order to make things happen.