8 Personal Year – January is a  9 Personal Month For You


After a spiritually reflective year, get ready to jump right back into the fray with your 8 Personal Year and kick it into high gear.

Finances and your personal power are two aspects that come into focus this year as you look for new ways to expand yourself in these areas of your life. However, you’ll need to ease up before you start galloping at full speed into the year as you begin 2022 by wiping the blackboard clean.

Take a moment to look back on November 2021. This was another 9 Personal Month for you, and there may have been a number of similar issues that are now rearing their head as it beckons you to bring things to a conclusion. A good starting point for your reflection is by having a look at certain areas of your life that were no longer serving you or transforming in a positive way.

The 9 Personal Month asks you to bring things to a close, so starting something new is not the best idea right now. Around January 9 and 18 you can expect some shifts, while the week of January 20 will see you focus on important relationships in your life as you devote your time and energy, giving a little TLC to family, partners, or your children.

From January 28 and as the month comes to a close, you’ll get the feeling that a big transition is about to take place, especially as you say hello to February. This month is the perfect opportunity to get your priorities into order so that you can enjoy all that January has to offer.

This can manifest as a relationship or friendship that’s run its course or could show up as something pertaining to a family member or situation surrounding your career. This is the month where the book naturally closes on certain aspects of your life, therefore, it’s so important to get very clear on what you want and where you’d like to direct your focus. Once you have set your intentions, follow this up with deliberate actions in order to bring these into your reality. Make sure that you’re practical and are ready to invest in yourself. Remember, you’re spirit guides are ready to lend a helping hand, so be sure to ask them for help, listen to their suggestions, and take the necessary action.

Your 8 Personal Year is the ideal time to take action rather than spending unnecessary time procrastinating and overthinking. This is the start of an incredible yet deeply transformational transition cycle that will place a number of demands on you. However, this is a time that asks you to step up and step into your power as you master your reality.

January is also a time to let go of the reins and release control with the energy of your 9 Personal Month encouraging some level of initiation. This is a crucial time when things slowly start to fall away before you can readjust your focus and direct your attention to aspects that will allow you to make the most of this empowering 8 Personal Year.

A good way to release and bring in the new is to create a VISION board. You can check out my free YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board for optimal success here: https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo

Summary for the month of January: To release all that no longer serves you and walk a path that allows you to step into greater aspects of empowerment.