8 Personal Year – November is a  1 Personal Month For You


Change and progress have been your best friends this year, and finally, you can see things coming together in the most beautiful way possible. While you may be holding that famous Albert Einstein quote in your mind regarding repetition and insanity, know that there’s nothing wrong with repeating the same thing more than once. Repeat it twice, three times, or five times if you have to. This repetition can sometimes feel frustrating, especially when it comes to repeating the same behavior, relationship, or family patterns. But it is through this repetition that we learn the tough lessons and draw on these experiences in the future.

Everything has its own time, so work at your own pace. Expansive is a word that may come up in November, especially after the “fleshing things out” energy of October. New opportunities will be coming your way around November 3 to 18, so grab these expansive opportunities with both hands.

These opportunities may require you to wear your professional mask and flex those organizational skills as you take full advantage of what’s coming your way. As you continue to pursue those projects that are currently underway, remember that you’re headed into a transition period that will come full force in the New Year.

Power –  that’s the word to hold onto during the month of November. This month is another 1 Personal Month for you, so think back to the themes that popped up for you during February. Have you been able to up-level since then? Are there any similar themes that you’re currently going through this month? Remember this as you make your way through the month of November, keeping in mind that it’s all business as you climb into the driver’s seat and take charge.

There’s an emphasis on independence and your ability to be original and empowered. Hold on to this energy and push through to the finish line – you’re almost there!