9 Personal Year:

February is a 11/2 Personal Month For You


9 Personal Year

February is your 11/2 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To practice patience as delays pop up and ponder the deeper meaning to that which you are experiencing.

Feeling a bit out of sorts lately?

Be gentle with yourself this month and take your time. While this year may feel like you’re unwrapping gifts at Christmas (you’re excited and can’t wait to see what you got), you may find that February feels a bit unpredictable.

Some opportunities you’ve been working on could experience a few obstacles, especially when the week of February 9 comes around. This slower momentum will either leave you feeling frustrated or ready to focus on some much-needed quality time with the key person in your life – yourself!

There are a few relationship shifts on the horizon, especially between February 16 and 25. While you may find yourself scrutinizing every relationship in your life right now, this is not meant to be something scary. These changes are always for your highest good! This shift can manifest as anything from a distant friendship that becomes a bit more distant or an individual you’ve been seeing for a bit but soon realize isn’t giving you what you need.

February is all about contemplating and working on the important relationships in your life, especially since the energy of the number 2 is all about patience, love, and cooperation.

The 9 Personal Year is often defined by its energy – letting go, surrendering, endings. Of course, this is never easy, but expect plenty of opportunities to pop up that will force you to do just that. This is a deeply transformative year and one that will allow you to really get to the heart of things as you figure out what is for your greatest good, and all within the framework of “letting go”.

This year is similar to cocooning. You’re a caterpillar slowly transforming into a butterfly, which is exactly what the last eight years may have felt like.

The 9 Personal Year says: out with the old, and in with the new! When you were younger, did your mom ever force you to clean out your wardrobe so you could gift it to the less fortunate? Think of the number 9 as your mom, standing behind you and forcing you to throw those tattered and hole-ridden socks in the garbage pile. For some reason, you just can’t seem to part with it. It has sentimental value, after all. But once you let go, you’ll find a shiny new pair of socks sitting neatly on your bed.

February is infused with the energy of the Master 11, so expect some level of spiritual growth and awareness to show up. This could manifest as having to practicing patience during a challenging time or something smaller like not cutting someone off in traffic. Either way, prepare your mind, body and spirit to handle the growing pains with a little self love, study, and support from like minded people. Also, anytime you get frustrated or begin to lose patience this month, just remind yourself that you are stepping into a 1 Personal Year next year (2023) which holds the energy of independence and new beginnings. Therefore, this is the year (2022) to clean house and release what must go in order to prepare for your beautiful new beginning.