9 Personal Year:

January is a 1 Personal Month For You


You’ve made it to the end of a 9-year-cycle!

You can see the finish life, but chances are you’re running out of steam thanks to an arduous yet empowering 8 Personal Year. Empowerment was the theme for 2021 as you learned to step into a deeper sense of power in all aspects of your life, including spiritually, physically, financially, and emotionally. It’s been a tough one, but you’re now getting ready to clear the slate and determine what stays and what goes.

The 9 Personal Year is a beautifully difficult one as you reflect on the narratives that you’ve created for yourself around certain behaviors, patterns, and expectations. This is a time where you determine what no longer serves you and what holds you back. What will allow you to align with your authentic self and what keeps you stuck when it comes to moving forward? These are the questions that you’ll find yourself asking during this year as you step into a more powerful YOU.

It’s a time for revamping and change, offering a deeply reflective and emotional year that allows you to test your capacity to go with the flow. This is ultimately designed as a means with which to determine where to get off and where to get on when it comes to a few life-changing transitions.

Similar to the push and pull of the ocean tides, you get the feeling that things are moving away from you this year. Don’t stress, this is all part of the process of letting go and ensuring that things that serve your greatest good remain in your life.

January is the ideal month to put on your “I’m in charge” t-shirt and take a few giant steps forward as you step into a sense of independence and uniqueness as the month jets off to a beautiful start. Remember, anything that interferes with this sense of empowerment must not go unchecked.

The energy of your 1 Personal Month is quite different from the overarching theme that January has in store for you. This is a month that calls on you to take action and to express your independence and individuality, while your 9 Personal Year is all about conclusions, closing chapters, and letting go.

However, you’ll find that while they may seem like two very different themes, they come together to offer a unique start to 2022. Basically, in order to release what no longer serves you as this year unfolds, each month will be dedicated to a specific theme that allows you to determine your starting point in helping you figure this out. January is all about being independent and learning to stand on your own two feet, which could feel a bit strange at first. This can show up as co-dependent narratives that force you to have a closer look at how you relate to those around you as you learn to empower yourself and let go of these unhelpful narratives.

This is also the perfect time to get in touch with your creative side as this month supports just that, along with stepping into a new sense of self-confidence.

Around January 8th and 25th, you’ll be asked to survey your ongoing commitments and start planning a more profitable and useful way of bringing projects to their natural conclusion. As you bring things to a close, you may find that around the week of January 18 some new opportunities may pop up. However, tread lightly as these may not have the potential that you think they do. No matter how shiny it may look, be cautious.

This year is a time where you get to determine what aspects you’d like to stay and go as you build and develop the best version of you this year. January is the best time to nurture your sense of independence and once again step into the lead role.

A good way to stay motivated throughout the year and organize your goals is to VISION board. You can check out my free YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board for optimal success here: https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo

Summary for the month of January: Release the baggage, create a solid springboard, and leap into 2022-the year of transformation and transition.