9 Personal Year: November is a 2 Personal Month For You


November holds quiet and contemplative energy, which can make it difficult as you’re raring to go and head into new territory or new adventures, but “slow down” is probably one of the biggest messages you’ll take from this month. Along with this, you may feel a juxtapose between two very different energies this month.

On the agenda this month? Slowing down and relishing your relationships. However, this is contrasted by the double 1s which offers a flurry of activity and things that need your complete attention. You may feel like the solution is diving head first and muscling your way through the month, but this can leave you feeling as though you’re swimming upstream against a massive current – and we all know how frustrating that can feel. Patience is the key this month. Take a moment to tap into your inner guidance system as you feel out the right moment – timing is everything.  What’s more, the answers only come once you learn to let go of the outcome and your expectations, which will make executing those plans for the future much easier.

This month may leave you feeling as though you’re walking a tight rope as you try to find your balance while making your way safely to the other side. Thanks to the energy of Master number 11, you may feel the need to move ahead alone, so make sure that you take full advantage of those balancing skills.

Despite this, it’s still a good time to make a few plans and lay foundations for the coming year, especially between November 8th and 17th. While November may seem like a slow month, social activities are also on the agenda, which will make this month fly by. Again, slowing down appears to be the theme for this month, especially with the energy of Master 11/2 which brings moments of deeper contemplation and discernment, but you’ll need to pause and take a breathe in order to embrace these insights.

Balance is another key factor that comes with the energy of number 11, which supports hitting the gas pedal and screeching forward as you attempt to get things done. However, answers usually present themselves during introspection and listening to your intuition, so try your best to resist the urge to embrace the noise.