9 Personal Year: October is a 1 Personal Month For You


There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but it can still feel as though you’re stumbling through the dark. Trust will be a big theme throughout this month. Trust in the Universe, trust in your gut – and most importantly – trust in yourself.

Get ready to do some Spring cleaning as you clean up and head into a new season of your life. Make sure that you tie up as many loose ends as you can, as the less you have to contend with, the more clarity you’ll feel during this transitional month. Expect a new interest to pop up around October 7th, which can bring with it an incredible new development, along with a few more potential opportunities surfacing between October 9th and 27th.

There’s a sense of anticipation in the air as the finish line is in sight. You may gain some clarity around certain aspects of your life during this month, but make sure you take the 9 Personal Year all the way to the finish line. It may also be time to say sayonara to a few things, including that soul-crushing job, relationship, or bad habit (including negative self-talk) that you’ve been needing to kick.

A 9 Personal Year says: “nothing lasts forever, including those devasting moments.” So, letting go and surrendering will be another big theme during this month. However, October is also giving you a taste of what you can expect in the new year with a month that is filled with forwarding momentum and sprinkled with a bit of optimism, which is particularly refreshing during a year that’s been a bit tough at times.

Make the most of this month as you learn to embrace the energy that a 1 Personal Year is getting ready to bring into your life. You’re getting ready for a year filled with plenty of adventure, business opportunities, and forward movement!