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What is a Natal Birth Chart?

You may view your birthdate, as just another set of numbers, to be celebrated on a specific day of the year. However, when you begin to understand the magic in those numbers and the alignment of the stars at the exact time of your birth, it will cause you to celebrate your birthdate differently and daily. More importantly, your character flaws and strengths will be revealed plainly to you. You will perceive life challenges in a whole new light. You will hold your birthdate as a precious combination that unlocks your purpose, reveals relationship patterns, advises on lucrative career paths to take, and explains how and why you process emotions and life events the way you do. This all is decoded in your individual natal birth chart.
An astrology birth chart consists of twelve houses, twelve signs, and nine planets. Astrological houses create a blueprint to reading your past, present, and future. The placement of each planet, asteroid or astronomical point that exists within a House, provides precious insight about your personality and your outer world. The planets are spread across all 12 houses and represent various areas of life. The specific placement of these planets in the houses at the time of your birth forms a birth chart. By compounding the essence of each planet, the house, and the sign, a road map of your obstacles or abilities in this lifetime are formed. When there is a change in these planetary positions, there is a change in an individuals physical, mental and emotional state.
Think of the Natal Birth Chart as a roadmap of planetary positions at the time of your birth which acts as guidance to understand many aspects of your character, profession, relationships, and what life holds for you. The chart also holds hidden secrets about our spiritual growth, healing, and transformational process. To learn more about Astrology click here.
By exploring the inner functioning of ourselves, we become adequately equipped to develop and flourish as our authentic selves.
Let your Astrology Natal Birth Chart reveal what the future holds for you today!

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