8 Personal Year – February is a  1 Personal Month For You


8 Personal Year

February is your 1 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To focus on launching into a year filled with business and career-orientated adventures.

Your introduction to your 8 Personal Year was filled with a few highly emotional moments and the need to wrap up loose ends. There’s no question that January provided the perfect platform for you to recalibrate and prepare yourself for the potent energy that the number 8 is bringing to the table as you utilize the knowledge you’ve gathered in your 7 Personal Year as you navigate 2022.

The number 8 holds the energy of achieving life’s goals, and that’s exactly how things start this month. New career-related opportunities may come your way around February 7. Don’t forget to put your business hat on this month as it’s the start of a highly productive time.

While it’s always fun to fantasize about the future, this is not the time to do that. Forward momentum is key as you contemplate, plan, prep, and take action on what you desire most from life.

The 8 Personal Year requires focus and hard work. Expect plenty of hard butt kicks from this Personal Year’s empowerment boots and plenty of tough love as you step into your authenticity and power. While this year will definitely not be a walk in the park, many cross the finish line feeling thankful for all the hard and beautiful lessons learned as they reap the rewards of the year. A lot of people also experience great financial rewards in their 8 personal year but keep in mind that this requires action.  Push aside that voice in your head that says you can’t do it and tap into your inner knowing and sense of abundance.

February 12 and 18 may call on you to simply get on with it, so to speak, as you attempt to complete a few projects. A few challenges may cross your path during the week of February 21, but reroute and keep going.

Feel your creative senses tingling? This is an especially fruitful time for you to put your creative ideas into motion. No matter how weird, wonderful or strange – go with it! The energy of the personal month number 1 (new beginnings) definitely supports this! It’s so easy to get into our heads, but this is not the time for that. Remember – take action and tap into your inner confidence warrior!

The focal point for this year is all about finances and empowerment, but 2022 is also filled with plenty of opportunities to manifest your dreams and desires – how exciting?

Are you ready to embrace success and your own true and unbridled satisfaction? As you ponder on this question throughout the year, the month of February is turning off the lights and setting the mood for you, especially when it comes to what you’re choosing to focus your attention on and engage with in order to make things happen.

6 Personal Year – FEBRUARY is a 8 Personal Month For You


6 Personal Year

February is your 8 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To focus on your overall financial health and create the action steps to ensure you go where you need to.

The idea that we create our own reality through our thoughts and actions can be a hard pill to swallow. Oftentimes, we don’t want to hold ourselves accountable, but the truth is… every decision we’ve made has led us to this point in our lives.

With relationships being front and center during your 6 Personal Year, you may find yourself holding a microscope up to the areas of your life in which you hold strength and certain areas where you need to develop further. This time can be a bit of a juggling act as you attempt to understand yourself better while supporting those in your inner circle. But to shake things up a little, it’s also a time to dive into that all-important relationship in your life – the one with yourself.

Listen to how you talk to yourself. Do you share words of compassion and understanding? Or do you shower yourself with judgment and criticism? Feelings of self-worth may come to the surface this month, especially how this relates to your worth within relationships. Do you feel you deserve love?

To really shake things up, the energy of the number 8 is incredibly intense. This month will test you as it asks you to step into your power in whichever way that manifests in your life at the moment. If you experience any sort of bullying, think of it as an empowerment test and/or exercise for you to practice asserting yourself in a healthy way.  Speak up for yourself, know your worth, and set boundaries!

Do you feel yourself playing small in certain areas of your life? Or are you playing the blame game, lashing out as you shift the responsibility of where you are in your life onto others?

Expect February to take things up a notch as it calls on you to step into accountability and power and take yourself more seriously. Finances are another aspect that will get some spotlight time as you find ways to improve on it and adjust where needed. Action is the name of the game, as this period is all about making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen.

A new opportunity may present itself around February 2 or 5 and could be a great opportunity for you to expand yourself in some way. As you get into the swing of a family-orientated 6 Personal Year, you might have a family member that lends their support to you out of the blue. Or this could show up as you needing to redirect some conflict from an intimate family member that may mess with your plans, especially during the week of February 18.

With so much action anticipated this month, make sure you slow down and fill your calendar with a few necessary relaxation breaks. As you get into the nitty-gritty of 2022, you will need to find balance!

The focus is all on your work and finances this month. Sit down, dive deeper, and take the steps you need to move forward!

5 Personal Year – February is a 7 Personal Month For You


5 Personal Year

February is your 7 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To take time out to contemplate, gather data, and find the right configuration as you speed along the highway of your Personal Year.

While you may not necessarily find yourself cross-legged meditating on a mountain, February will ask you to slow down and sit with yourself. This energy is a bit of a contrast to the fast-paced energy that your 5 Personal Year brings to the table. However, this is a time to gather information, metaphorically set up a spreadsheet, analyze the data and figure out what’s next.

You may be grateful that you took the time to unplug and spend much-needed quality time with yourself, as you’ll be hitting the pedal pretty hard when March rolls around. February is the ideal time to enter all the relevant coordinates into your GPS before speeding down the highway.

There are certain factors that you will need to have a closer look at as you assess some possible shifts and find ways to put them into action. Don’t expect to have that eureka moment, as answers and ideas will most likely come slowly and through contemplation.

If you’re feeling a pull towards spirituality this month, especially during the week of February 18, pull out your yoga mat and spend some time meditating. Any time spent doing the things that enable you to uplevel in this area of your life is encouraged this month. This can be reading books, attending classes, taking an online course, or grabbing your journal and writing – anything that brings deeper understanding.

The two energies swirling around during the month of February are the number 5 (your Personal Year) and the number 7 (your Personal Month) – two very potent energies that have a tendency to build up and will eventually require a healthy release. Think – healthy eating, a consistent exercise regime, and consciously unraveling unhealthy emotional patterns. February is an amazing month to step into healthier patterns and create routines.

Take off your shoes and frolic in Mother Nature, or join that local hiking group. Find healthy ways to release and process emotions this month in whichever way makes you happy.

Freedom is the theme for 2022, so expect a few moments to pop up that force you to focus on what this means to you as you dissect this and integrate it into your life. You’ll find yourself really deep-diving into what this means to you – is it just another word? How would you like it to show up in your life? Expect a few of these questions to come up as you spend more time contemplating its meaning.

February is all about digging, unearthing gems, and cataloging your findings. It’s a month of filling up your database. Trust in divine timing as not everything will require immediate action. Surrender and allow things to flow. If you get still in nature and listen close enough, you’ll know exactly what to do.

4 Personal Year – FEBRUARY is a 6 Personal Month For You


4 Personal Year

February is your 6 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To examine home and family as you get organized and establish long-term objectives.

If “seeking clarity” was a person, they’d be standing outside your house, tapping on your window right now. This year is a biggie, and now is the ideal time to set goals that will be implemented as the year unfolds. You may be feeling a little like the Greek God, Atlas, who carried the earth on his shoulders as it can feel like a heavy year.

While you may be looking and waiting for the work to hit your desk, understand that this may not be a year that relates to your career but is a year that will require you to put in the work as you explore all the areas of your life that you’d like to nurture and develop. This year will be a test of your commitment as you work out the kinks and create a process that allows you to manifest what it is you’re looking to develop in a real and pragmatic way. The journey is never easy. Sometimes it’s easier to come down on ourselves when things don’t go exactly how we’ve envisioned. This is your reminder to be gentle with yourself as you start to set long-term goals. You must try to keep your optimism high as you implement higher levels of discipline.

Write down what this looks like to you. Perhaps it’s a career opportunity you’ve been looking into or a way in which you can switch up your financial life. As you learn what’s important in your life right now, you may feel anxiety creep to the surface as you attempt to solidify these goals.

This month is sprinkled with a little home, love, family, and responsibility thanks to the energy of the number 6. Brace yourself for home and family to take center stage around February 3 -12th, which could lead to a few disagreements or miscommunications. If a few legal, tax, or insurance issues show up during the month of February as well, relating to your home, partner, or family property, be sure to prioritize the necessary steps needed to resolve them.

Home, responsibility. Responsibility, home. The two are indistinguishable at this point!

You may need to prioritize some time for crucial family engagements during the weeks of February 14th or 23rd. This may also be a time that requires you to support certain family members as they move through a few challenges.

With family being placed under the microscope of your 4 Personal Year, you may find yourself re-examining that icky family “box” that you’ve stashed under the bed to gather dust. This year supports you in dusting off the box, examining its contents, tossing what no longer serves you, and transforming old family behaviors into something new and productive.

The number 4 is often characterized by restriction which is not always a bad thing, so expect this to show up in some way as you navigate home and family. However, family and your home life isn’t the only thing that shows up this month. Expect a little forward momentum in the area of business, but don’t expect anything to fall in your lap, as a certain level of ceaseless effort and hard work is required. It may not sound fun, and it certainly won’t be a walk in the park, but this is exactly what will be asked of you as you kick off those long-term goals and plans your looking to bring to fruition in the near future.

Don’t worry; hard work does pay off! Set your intentions, work hard, and trust that your concentrated effort and energy will eventually bear much fruit in your life.

3 Personal Year: FEBRUARY is a 5 Personal Month For You


3 Personal Year

February is your 5 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To explore the infinite possibilities that personal freedom has to offer.

The number 5 holds all the characteristics of a fun-loving friend, and that’s exactly the vibe of February. Expect personal expression and social aspects to come into the fold this month as you embrace your inner firecracker. With the support of number 5, spending time with friends and significant others is a great way to step into this month’s energy. Grab a drink with friends or make a few new ones.

You may feel the need to skip the small talk and dive right into the meaty bits as you find yourself gravitating towards deeper connections and communications. This month is all about exploring the social aspects of your life. Expect a lot of talking as you build on existing friendships, create foundations for new ones, and build stronger bonds with acquaintances as you focus on growing alliances that could prove to be the perfect collaborations in the future.

Has the wanderlust been hitting you pretty hard lately? February 7 or 16 may be a great time to pack your bags and enjoy some travel, although this may manifest as a virtual trip or online course. Either way, travel is on the cards for you during this time, whether that’s a weekend away or a virtual retreat you’ve had on your bucket list for a while.

Expect change to show up in big flashing lights as this month asks you to pay attention to particular situations which could be subject to unexpected shifts or a change in direction. February will be a great month to get into the flow of this year, which is bound to overflow with tons of change and transformation – this is only the beginning!

This is also a great time to switch things up. Check out that new restaurant you’ve been driving past for the last few months, or try a new dish. Basically, you may want to embrace the wave of change that’s headed your way by taking a step towards the unfamiliar.

But while change is on the horizon, so is choice – and lots of it. Have you ever been to a restaurant that has too many options on the menu? This month may feel a little like having to choose something on the menu when you’re just not sure what you’re craving. Along with this energy, the potent combination of the number 3 (your Personal Year) and the number 5 (your Personal Month) can make it a bit difficult to settle on something constructive, leaving you feeling a little distracted during this time. Add the emotional aspect of this year into the mix, and you may find yourself having to contend with a rollercoaster of emotions.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and have a little fun! February is a wonderful time to step out and enjoy the winter sunshine, although you may have to go in search of fun. Hop on a phone call with a friend and set some plans in motion, but don’t forget the motto of this month – try something new!

The 3 Personal Year can be filled with hard work and doesn’t exactly scream “fun,” but learning to find joy and pleasure in the tiniest moments during this year will ensure you come out on the other side as someone who has embraced both the exciting and challenging times. February provides you the space to do just that.



2 Personal Year- FEBRUARY  is a 4 Personal Month For You


2 Personal Year

February is your 4 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To organize and get your priorities in order and look at things from a different angle.

With the energy of number 4 front and center this month, be prepared to grab your rain gear and find some shelter. While February may be known as the month of love, it’s all about work and organization for you. This is the perfect time to get your ducks in a row, or rather, your business plan or vision board up as you start moving towards the things you’re looking to call in this year.

Your 2 Personal Year is all about stopping to smell the roses and developing patience. However, if you’re experiencing an 11/2 Personal Year this may not be the case. Despite the forward momentum that comes with the double 1, you’ll still experience your share of delays, detours, and issues requiring your to cultivate patience.

The Master number 11 holds intense spiritual energy and is all about exploring and going beyond the physical and diving into the realm of the spiritual. This year may feel as though you’re following breadcrumbs left by the Universe as it leads you along a path of enlightenment and understanding. However, no journey to your true Self is always easy. Sometimes we must navigate through a winding road that’s filled with some thorny bushes.

There are plenty of lessons along the way too that can manifest as experiences or challenges that force you to heal, change your perspective or become more vulnerable. The journey is worth it if you’re patient enough to follow the quiet nudges of your intuition.

However, expect your patience to be tested if you’re dealing with contracts, negotiations, or agreements. Don’t be afraid to lean on the experts when things don’t make sense or if it leaves you feeling uneasy.

You may need to keep your eye on projects around February 6 and step into any change that will allow you to enjoy some momentum. The number 2 is all about detail and resonates with teamwork and pulling together, making this the perfect year to tap into your collaborative side.

And guess what? February is the perfect time to test your diplomacy skills.

This month is all about creating a solid foundation that will support you throughout the year. The details are important, but not too important! Does that sound confusing? Because it is! You’ll need to walk a bit of a tightrope this month as you find a balance between not focusing too much on the details, while still paying attention to the details – yeesh!

You’ll likely get a taste of what your Personal Year has in store for you as February 18 may force you to pump the brakes and slow down. The energy of the number 4 may draw your attention to your health this month with issues in this area of your life forcing you to stop and pay attention. If the alarm bells are going off in your mind, tell it to calm down. This may not be anything serious as it could simply be a time for you to enjoy some much-needed downtime or focus on nourishing your body in a way that makes you feel good.

As you get ready to step into a year that asks you to focus your attention on business and emotions (what a combo, right?), February may feel a bit rough as you get organized and attempt to prioritize. However, you are the master of your mind. Though this month is all about doing the work you can do it with peace, love, acceptance, and joy in your heart.

1 Personal Year- February is a 3 Personal Month For You


1 Personal Year

February is your 3 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: Say hello to your creative side as you learn to surrender to the process and express yourself.

As you step into the month of February and make yourself comfortable, expect communication to be at the top of your to-do list this month. As you journey along the path that is your 1 Personal Year, there are plenty of work-related activities to come your way as your career takes center stage in 2022.

As February 28 rolls around, pay particular attention to a business situation that may present itself. Things may develop in a different way to how you expected, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just … a little different.

New beginnings are on the horizon this year! While this is such an amazing year to embrace the “new,” you don’t necessarily know what these new beginnings are just yet. Expect this year to feel similar to that of using a tiny flashlight to see the road ahead. You know there could be something in the distance, but you just can’t see it yet. Put on your decision-making hat, embrace the experience and set intentions – that’s what this year will ask you to do as you wade through the unknown. January was a bit of a taste-tester to what you can expect in your final year of this arduous three-year transition cycle. And while you may be feeling a little fatigued at this point, hold on tight, we’re almost at the finish line!

You’ll find yourself repeating the adage: “Good things come to those who wait” this year as you learn to breathe into patience and pace yourself as the year unfolds. Similar to sitting through the suspenseful moments of that favorite book, we all have those moments where we want to jump to the next chapter and find out if the hero made it out alive, but do your best not to skip ahead. It’s important to realize that the hard work you’re putting into your 1 Personal Year doesn’t happen overnight. The number 1 is a goal-orientated number and supports the energy of action, innovation, and creative thinking.

Speaking of creativity, the number 3 is here to shake things up – creatively that is. The energy of February (your 3 Personal Month) is all about nurturing your creativity, expressing your emotions, and stepping into confidence and communication. What sets your heart on fire and gets your engines revving? Harnessing this energy will allow you to step into the next level of expansion as you shine a light on the darker areas of your life.

Enjoy all that February has to offer, including its creative and social aspects.

This month can feel like you’re hitting the restart button as you look at  the world through fresh eyes. While the number 3 is all about creativity, it also supports self-improvement. If you’ve been itching to switch up your wardrobe or get that new haircut – it’s never been a better time.

You’ll have to lean into your creative energy this month in order to bring about an ending of some sort. This could be a job, relationship, or anything that’s no longer serving you. If you’ve been stalling because you’ve been waiting for the right time, just realize that there’s no such thing. Make sure you bring this something to a close, or something or someone may do it for you.

Your career may be looking good right now, and you may even feel as though new opportunities are making themselves known to you. Even better is the fact that February 11-16 may bring with it some potential opportunities that may be worth looking into.

One of the best things about the energy that number 3 brings into your life is that of creative self-expression and emotions. This is the perfect time to dig deep and tap into the shadows that hold you back from revealing the authentic you just waiting to be unearthed. Now, this is not an easy process and can be scary and exhausting, but it’s truly liberating to learn how to embrace the fullest expression of yourself.

Tap into your creative side and allow it to flow into various areas of your life, including work and relationships. Enjoy the ride! Try not to hold onto the reins too tight and inject a little fun into this month as you surrender and allow things to flow!

9 Personal Year:

February is a 11/2 Personal Month For You


9 Personal Year

February is your 11/2 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To practice patience as delays pop up and ponder the deeper meaning to that which you are experiencing.

Feeling a bit out of sorts lately?

Be gentle with yourself this month and take your time. While this year may feel like you’re unwrapping gifts at Christmas (you’re excited and can’t wait to see what you got), you may find that February feels a bit unpredictable.

Some opportunities you’ve been working on could experience a few obstacles, especially when the week of February 9 comes around. This slower momentum will either leave you feeling frustrated or ready to focus on some much-needed quality time with the key person in your life – yourself!

There are a few relationship shifts on the horizon, especially between February 16 and 25. While you may find yourself scrutinizing every relationship in your life right now, this is not meant to be something scary. These changes are always for your highest good! This shift can manifest as anything from a distant friendship that becomes a bit more distant or an individual you’ve been seeing for a bit but soon realize isn’t giving you what you need.

February is all about contemplating and working on the important relationships in your life, especially since the energy of the number 2 is all about patience, love, and cooperation.

The 9 Personal Year is often defined by its energy – letting go, surrendering, endings. Of course, this is never easy, but expect plenty of opportunities to pop up that will force you to do just that. This is a deeply transformative year and one that will allow you to really get to the heart of things as you figure out what is for your greatest good, and all within the framework of “letting go”.

This year is similar to cocooning. You’re a caterpillar slowly transforming into a butterfly, which is exactly what the last eight years may have felt like.

The 9 Personal Year says: out with the old, and in with the new! When you were younger, did your mom ever force you to clean out your wardrobe so you could gift it to the less fortunate? Think of the number 9 as your mom, standing behind you and forcing you to throw those tattered and hole-ridden socks in the garbage pile. For some reason, you just can’t seem to part with it. It has sentimental value, after all. But once you let go, you’ll find a shiny new pair of socks sitting neatly on your bed.

February is infused with the energy of the Master 11, so expect some level of spiritual growth and awareness to show up. This could manifest as having to practicing patience during a challenging time or something smaller like not cutting someone off in traffic. Either way, prepare your mind, body and spirit to handle the growing pains with a little self love, study, and support from like minded people. Also, anytime you get frustrated or begin to lose patience this month, just remind yourself that you are stepping into a 1 Personal Year next year (2023) which holds the energy of independence and new beginnings. Therefore, this is the year (2022) to clean house and release what must go in order to prepare for your beautiful new beginning.


8 Personal Year – January is a  9 Personal Month For You


After a spiritually reflective year, get ready to jump right back into the fray with your 8 Personal Year and kick it into high gear.

Finances and your personal power are two aspects that come into focus this year as you look for new ways to expand yourself in these areas of your life. However, you’ll need to ease up before you start galloping at full speed into the year as you begin 2022 by wiping the blackboard clean.

Take a moment to look back on November 2021. This was another 9 Personal Month for you, and there may have been a number of similar issues that are now rearing their head as it beckons you to bring things to a conclusion. A good starting point for your reflection is by having a look at certain areas of your life that were no longer serving you or transforming in a positive way.

The 9 Personal Month asks you to bring things to a close, so starting something new is not the best idea right now. Around January 9 and 18 you can expect some shifts, while the week of January 20 will see you focus on important relationships in your life as you devote your time and energy, giving a little TLC to family, partners, or your children.

From January 28 and as the month comes to a close, you’ll get the feeling that a big transition is about to take place, especially as you say hello to February. This month is the perfect opportunity to get your priorities into order so that you can enjoy all that January has to offer.

This can manifest as a relationship or friendship that’s run its course or could show up as something pertaining to a family member or situation surrounding your career. This is the month where the book naturally closes on certain aspects of your life, therefore, it’s so important to get very clear on what you want and where you’d like to direct your focus. Once you have set your intentions, follow this up with deliberate actions in order to bring these into your reality. Make sure that you’re practical and are ready to invest in yourself. Remember, you’re spirit guides are ready to lend a helping hand, so be sure to ask them for help, listen to their suggestions, and take the necessary action.

Your 8 Personal Year is the ideal time to take action rather than spending unnecessary time procrastinating and overthinking. This is the start of an incredible yet deeply transformational transition cycle that will place a number of demands on you. However, this is a time that asks you to step up and step into your power as you master your reality.

January is also a time to let go of the reins and release control with the energy of your 9 Personal Month encouraging some level of initiation. This is a crucial time when things slowly start to fall away before you can readjust your focus and direct your attention to aspects that will allow you to make the most of this empowering 8 Personal Year.

A good way to release and bring in the new is to create a VISION board. You can check out my free YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board for optimal success here: https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo

Summary for the month of January: To release all that no longer serves you and walk a path that allows you to step into greater aspects of empowerment.

7 Personal Year – February is a 9 Personal Month For You


7 Personal Year

February is your 9 Personal Month

Summary of the month of February: To sit with yourself and follow your internal flow as you get ready to make some big shifts.

February is the perfect time to sit quietly with yourself and listen to the directions that are beeping at you from your internal GPS. There’s a sense of calm and gratitude pulsating from your inner core right now, which could leave you feeling as though you’re floating in an ethereal plain while still being rooted in reality.

This conundrum may leave you feeling as though you’re stuck in the middle of the ocean and unable to find your North Star, but this doesn’t mean you should wait for the rescue teams to come and save you – do it yourself. An excellent way to do just that is to carve out some quality time with yourself. Go for a walk, join a meditation or yoga group, add extra bubbles to the bath and stay a little longer.

As you get familiar with the energy of this year, you may feel that some big shifts are coming. Think of this year as a beautiful budding vegetable garden. You may not know exactly what you’ve planted and what your garden will produce, but as you shower it with love and mindfulness, it will lead you on an amazing adventure that leads you to some delicious gems.

Contemplation is the keyword this year!

It’s all about peeling back the onion layers and discovering new expressions of yourself and how you understand the world around you. This year will offer up the ideal foundation for you to get to know yourself on a soul level as you contemplate the next step in your evolution and step into a deeper sense of self.

Scared? Don’t be! This is a beautiful process, but don’t expect it to happen overnight. You may find yourself peeling back layer after layer throughout the year as you get ready to usher in the new you.

A great way to look at this soul-searching phase of your life is through curious eyes. How can I be of service to the collective in this life? what are my unique gifts and talents? It may be a heavy-handed question, but as you attempt to sit with these questions, you may find that it can be a heart-opening experience with plenty of revelations along the way.

As February 9 rolls around, you may be feeling some important shifts taking place. This can manifest as a shift in a relationship or an area of your career. As you feel into the energy of February, you may find yourself needing to take some time out – just for you – around February 18. Act on this impulse to seek solitude and carve out some much-needed me-time.

While the number 7 is asking you to dig deep and do the inner work, the energy that number 9 brings to this month can feel a bit more philosophical or emotional, but in a way that makes it hard to figure out as this is a number that’s all about endings and letting go.

As you spend some time with yourself, it may also be a great idea to find a method of healing that you feel comfortable doing. This can be energy healing, yoga, meditation, or spending time in nature. Give yourself the time and space you need in order to work through the shifts that are taking place in your inner and outer worlds right now and don’t resist what comes and goes. Just flow!