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  • The Veil of Isis & The 11/11 Portal

    The concept of the “veil” has been around for centuries and dates back to Ancient Egypt and the goddess Isis aka Auset to the Kemetians. However, as we witness the days become shorter and the nights grow longer, the veils between the earthly plane and the spiritual realm have slowly become thinner, creating a collision […]

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  • 9 Personal Year: January 2022

    9 Personal Year: January is a 1 Personal Month For You   You’ve made it to the end of a 9-year-cycle! You can see the finish life, but chances are you’re running out of steam thanks to an arduous yet empowering 8 Personal Year. Empowerment was the theme for 2021 as you learned to step […]

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  • 8 Personal Year: January 2022

    8 Personal Year – January is a  9 Personal Month For You   After a spiritually reflective year, get ready to jump right back into the fray with your 8 Personal Year and kick it into high gear. Finances and your personal power are two aspects that come into focus this year as you look […]

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  • 7 Personal Year: JANUARY 2022

    7 Personal Year – January is a 8 Personal Month For You   The number 7 is a deeply contemplative number that asks you to really take a long pause and look at yourself in the mirror – really look. With that being said, this year will see you dive a little deeper into yourself […]

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  • 6 Personal Year: JANUARY 2022

    6 Personal Year – JANUARY is a 7 Personal Month For You   Expect 2022 to be a time devoted to relationships, especially when it comes to how you relate to yourself and with those around you. Along with this, your domestic life is another aspect that will be placed under the microscope this year, […]

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  • 5 Personal Year: JANUARY 2022

    5 Personal Year – January is a 6 Personal Month For You   Last Year, which was a 4 Personal Year for you, can be anything but easy and is normally a year that requires plenty of grit and diligence. With a full-blown pandemic thrown into the mix for good measure, 2021 has been a […]

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