9 Personal Year:

January is a 1 Personal Month For You


You’ve made it to the end of a 9-year-cycle!

You can see the finish life, but chances are you’re running out of steam thanks to an arduous yet empowering 8 Personal Year. Empowerment was the theme for 2021 as you learned to step into a deeper sense of power in all aspects of your life, including spiritually, physically, financially, and emotionally. It’s been a tough one, but you’re now getting ready to clear the slate and determine what stays and what goes.

The 9 Personal Year is a beautifully difficult one as you reflect on the narratives that you’ve created for yourself around certain behaviors, patterns, and expectations. This is a time where you determine what no longer serves you and what holds you back. What will allow you to align with your authentic self and what keeps you stuck when it comes to moving forward? These are the questions that you’ll find yourself asking during this year as you step into a more powerful YOU.

It’s a time for revamping and change, offering a deeply reflective and emotional year that allows you to test your capacity to go with the flow. This is ultimately designed as a means with which to determine where to get off and where to get on when it comes to a few life-changing transitions.

Similar to the push and pull of the ocean tides, you get the feeling that things are moving away from you this year. Don’t stress, this is all part of the process of letting go and ensuring that things that serve your greatest good remain in your life.

January is the ideal month to put on your “I’m in charge” t-shirt and take a few giant steps forward as you step into a sense of independence and uniqueness as the month jets off to a beautiful start. Remember, anything that interferes with this sense of empowerment must not go unchecked.

The energy of your 1 Personal Month is quite different from the overarching theme that January has in store for you. This is a month that calls on you to take action and to express your independence and individuality, while your 9 Personal Year is all about conclusions, closing chapters, and letting go.

However, you’ll find that while they may seem like two very different themes, they come together to offer a unique start to 2022. Basically, in order to release what no longer serves you as this year unfolds, each month will be dedicated to a specific theme that allows you to determine your starting point in helping you figure this out. January is all about being independent and learning to stand on your own two feet, which could feel a bit strange at first. This can show up as co-dependent narratives that force you to have a closer look at how you relate to those around you as you learn to empower yourself and let go of these unhelpful narratives.

This is also the perfect time to get in touch with your creative side as this month supports just that, along with stepping into a new sense of self-confidence.

Around January 8th and 25th, you’ll be asked to survey your ongoing commitments and start planning a more profitable and useful way of bringing projects to their natural conclusion. As you bring things to a close, you may find that around the week of January 18 some new opportunities may pop up. However, tread lightly as these may not have the potential that you think they do. No matter how shiny it may look, be cautious.

This year is a time where you get to determine what aspects you’d like to stay and go as you build and develop the best version of you this year. January is the best time to nurture your sense of independence and once again step into the lead role.

A good way to stay motivated throughout the year and organize your goals is to VISION board. You can check out my free YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board for optimal success here: https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo

Summary for the month of January: Release the baggage, create a solid springboard, and leap into 2022-the year of transformation and transition.

8 Personal Year – January is a  9 Personal Month For You


After a spiritually reflective year, get ready to jump right back into the fray with your 8 Personal Year and kick it into high gear.

Finances and your personal power are two aspects that come into focus this year as you look for new ways to expand yourself in these areas of your life. However, you’ll need to ease up before you start galloping at full speed into the year as you begin 2022 by wiping the blackboard clean.

Take a moment to look back on November 2021. This was another 9 Personal Month for you, and there may have been a number of similar issues that are now rearing their head as it beckons you to bring things to a conclusion. A good starting point for your reflection is by having a look at certain areas of your life that were no longer serving you or transforming in a positive way.

The 9 Personal Month asks you to bring things to a close, so starting something new is not the best idea right now. Around January 9 and 18 you can expect some shifts, while the week of January 20 will see you focus on important relationships in your life as you devote your time and energy, giving a little TLC to family, partners, or your children.

From January 28 and as the month comes to a close, you’ll get the feeling that a big transition is about to take place, especially as you say hello to February. This month is the perfect opportunity to get your priorities into order so that you can enjoy all that January has to offer.

This can manifest as a relationship or friendship that’s run its course or could show up as something pertaining to a family member or situation surrounding your career. This is the month where the book naturally closes on certain aspects of your life, therefore, it’s so important to get very clear on what you want and where you’d like to direct your focus. Once you have set your intentions, follow this up with deliberate actions in order to bring these into your reality. Make sure that you’re practical and are ready to invest in yourself. Remember, you’re spirit guides are ready to lend a helping hand, so be sure to ask them for help, listen to their suggestions, and take the necessary action.

Your 8 Personal Year is the ideal time to take action rather than spending unnecessary time procrastinating and overthinking. This is the start of an incredible yet deeply transformational transition cycle that will place a number of demands on you. However, this is a time that asks you to step up and step into your power as you master your reality.

January is also a time to let go of the reins and release control with the energy of your 9 Personal Month encouraging some level of initiation. This is a crucial time when things slowly start to fall away before you can readjust your focus and direct your attention to aspects that will allow you to make the most of this empowering 8 Personal Year.

A good way to release and bring in the new is to create a VISION board. You can check out my free YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board for optimal success here: https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo

Summary for the month of January: To release all that no longer serves you and walk a path that allows you to step into greater aspects of empowerment.

7 Personal Year – January is a 8 Personal Month For You


The number 7 is a deeply contemplative number that asks you to really take a long pause and look at yourself in the mirror – really look. With that being said, this year will see you dive a little deeper into yourself as a number of deep-rooted issues and patterns slowly start to bubble to the surface and ask you to pay attention to them. Life-changing thoughts, behaviors, and values are coming into question for you and will act as a sturdy bridge that will lead you to a major shift in your life.

Your 7 Personal Year is meant to support this deeply contemplative journey of getting to know yourself a bit better.

Get ready for a year that will demand that you take a closer look at certain aspects of your life. This can show up as deeply reflecting on the relationships in your life as you place them under the microscope and determine what you want and how you’d like to feel. It can also be a time in your life where work takes center stage and upskilling through training courses, or going back to school becomes an option. Or it can simply be a time where you make a significant change in an area of your life that allows you to increase in your sense of self-empowerment.

Don’t be surprised if your spiritual life comes into focus this year as you evaluate where you stand in this area of your life, which will ultimately serve to better your life as a whole.

Despite the spiritual and deeply contemplative nature of the number 7, January will place business and financial matters under the spotlight. A bit of a contrast, but focusing on this at the start of the year will ensure that you have more than enough time to turn inward for the rest of 2022.

This comes as no surprise as the energy of the number 8 centers on ambition, with empowerment being the theme for January. Finances are another focus of this number and you can expect plenty of opportunities for success with relation to business matters and with moving things forward. This is the perfect month to step up and empower yourself in all areas of your life. Just make time to also go inward!

While money is a popular attribute associated with the number 8, this is not all that it’s about. If an unhealthy foundation of empowerment has been built, then you can expect money to slip through your fingers, exiting as quickly as it entered. The reason that this needs to be brought to your attention is that this year is set up to be one filled with spiritual growth and stepping into your own sense of empowerment and that should be your focus.

There’s no better way to explore all your personal layers than by being confronted with all the issues related to where you need to reinforce and motivate your sense of self and power in your life than at the beginning of this soul-searching year.

While January has a strong focus on money matters, don’t expect this to last for the entire year, as this Personal Year is not the time to focus on the material world but turn to the more spiritual realms of thought, identity, and personal truth. If you get to focused on the material, you will only frustrate yourself. Remember there is a season for everything and embracing your “involution vs evolution” journey will be fruitful in the long run. Remember, wealth without PEACE is not worth it! So don’t forsake self-reflection, evaluation, and inner growth when necessary.

On the flip side, material matters will be a focus this month with the 8 energies at play, and you will find success in manifesting or launching something that you already have locked and loaded. Simply because your year is focused on expanding yourself spiritually, does not mean that you won’t have a chance to move forward in the realm of business. It merely means that you should not force things, and instead allow them to flow naturally no matter how unorthodox or scary that may seem to you.

Around January 5 and 23 you can expect to wrap up a few loose ends that may have followed you into the new year. 2022 is a time to nurture a healthy state of mind before jumping back into the thick of things in your upcoming 8 Personal Year in 2023.  This year is the perfect time to reflect and get your hands dirty when it comes to your personal development, so embrace this crucial pause and make sure you make time to do so. A good way to stay focused, motivated and centered is to VISION board. You can check out my free YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board for optimal success here: https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo

Summary for the month of January: Peel back the layers, EMPOWER yourself, and EMBRACE the self-reflective year ahead.

6 Personal Year – JANUARY is a 7 Personal Month For You


Expect 2022 to be a time devoted to relationships, especially when it comes to how you relate to yourself and with those around you. Along with this, your domestic life is another aspect that will be placed under the microscope this year, with home, family, responsibilities, and service all asking for attention.

This new year will offer you a chance to really examine what “home” means to you and could manifest as moving into a new home, making some much-needed home renovations, or watching your home-based business blossom into something more significant.

The energy of this year is focused on relationships, especially when it comes to anything that no longer serves you within this realm.

However, January will feel quite reflective as you focus your attention on spiritual endeavors and coming up against obstacles that will force you to take a deeper look at yourself. This reflects the intuitive energy of the number 7, offering the perfect springboard from which to dive right into the relationship and domestic-orientated 6 Personal Year that lies ahead. Number 7 asks you to slow down and turn inward as you listen to the wise and subtle messages of your inner compass.

Around January 6, expect a few financial or health-related matters to take priority. You’ll feel a push to address issues regarding your relationship (s) with a partner, friends, or family between January 9 and 18 which will require you to take some time out and do some introspection.

With your 6 Personal Year being a time focused on domestic life and relationships, it’s no surprise that family and home matters are jumping into the front seat as you spend more time focusing on these areas of your life in 2022. However, remember that relationships, love, and duty can come in different shapes and sizes, so expect to tackle these aspects perhaps in a different way. The 6 Personal Year also brings the energy of judgment to the forefront and can show up in a way that allows you to examine how we judge, especially when it relates to how we judge others and ourselves.

With that being said, January is not a time for action, but rather, a time for collecting data and creating a plan of action that you’ll be able to implement. Perhaps the pressure has been building in your relationship and it’s come to a point where a decision needs to be made. Do you break up or move forward together? January can be a time where you gather the necessary research to make a decision. This can show up as finding a couple’s therapist or bringing your concerns to your partner’s attention in a loving way.

However, an impending break-up isn’t the only way this energy can show up, but can also manifest as you and your partner considering marriage or the next level of your relationship. In this case, it is a time for you to contemplate where you would like this relationship to go and how you would like to feel.

Remember, the energy of number 7 is all about research and analyzing the information collected.

Nevertheless, January is a great time to sit back and reflect on the relationship-heavy year that lies ahead. Lean into the slow energy of this month as you rest up for a year that will be dedicated to utilizing more of your energy and sharing it with others.

A fun project to help you organize your wants and needs is VISION boarding. You can also check out my free YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board for optimal success here: https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo

Summary for the month of January: To get reflective on your deepest relationship wants and needs. Be sure to take time for yourself, because your energy will be devoted to others quite often throughout the year.

5 Personal Year – January is a 6 Personal Month For You


Last Year, which was a 4 Personal Year for you, can be anything but easy and is normally a year that requires plenty of grit and diligence. With a full-blown pandemic thrown into the mix for good measure, 2021 has been a tough one for some. If you made it to the other side (with a few bumps and bruises perhaps), give yourself a giant pat on the back.

As the new year slowly unfolds, you’ll find yourself testing your limits, having some fun, yet also coming up against a sense of confusion when it comes to not knowing which direction to head into or what invitation to accept.

Use discernment and self-discipline to tackle the opportunities headed your way this year, or the year will feel like water running through your fingers – gone in a blink of an eye with nothing to show for it.

The energy of the 5 Personal Year beckons you to dive into all things that scream “FREEDOM.” However, the challenge will be to harness this beautifully wild energy without feeling like you’re aimlessly running amok.

As you enjoy the wild freedom that your 5 Personal Year affords you, expect your fears to rear their ugly head. This is the perfect time to embrace the unknown while still creating the necessary steppingstones to make sure that you get from A to Z. While this year is characterized by freedom, expect plenty of restrictions to show up for you too. The energy of this year asks you to remove the chains that are holding you back by making some scary yet brave moves.

While you may find yourself wanting to embrace the energy of the freedom-loving 5, you’ll find that January feels a little contradictory as it radiates with the home-loving number 6. However, it’s a beautiful blend of freedom and fun, sprinkled with responsibility and nurturing.

If you’ve been eager for a little romance to enter your life, expect this to happen around January 6. If you’re already loved up, this may be a spicy time for you and your partner, as number 5 brings a little sensuality into the fold thanks to its sexy nature.

The number 5 goes beyond just sex, although this is a delicious addition to the energy that it brings, however, it’s about sensual experiences. This is a time to really enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer. Think: a twilight stroll on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes and the smell of the ocean. This is a time when your five senses will be heightened, offering a beautiful new and sensual outlook on life.

While this sensual experience is something that you’ll get to indulge in as the year unfolds, January is all about staying close to home and taking care of relationships while tackling responsibilities. This month offers you the chance to find your feet before heading out on the incredible adventures that this year will bring about. A wonderful project to support the manifestation of your freedom + stable home life is vision boarding. You can check out my free YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board for optimal success here: https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo

Summary for the month of January: Plant your feet before diving into this new and adventurous year.

4 Personal Year – January is a 5 Personal Month For You


Your 4 Personal Year is characterized by hard work, so get ready to put your head down and get your affairs in order.

Expect to take a step back and inspect the personal “foundation” you’ve created for yourself as you poke and prod for any cracks and leaks. If you’ve come out of your inspection pleased with the foundation you’ve created for yourself, it’s time to get to work and start building. This is the ideal time to create systems that make your life a bit easier and more productive in the long run.

While your 4 Personal Year is all about creating systems, working hard, and implementing long-term goals, it doesn’t mean that you will magically stop being a procrastinator. You may even discover that it’s an aspect of yourself that will get all up in your face until you’ve learned to master it. The energy of number 4 is one that hates disorganization, so expect that to come up too if it’s something that you struggle with.

2022 will be the year that asks you to take a closer look at your long-term goals. However, January throws the energy of the number 5 into the mix, which can leave you feeling a bit distracted from the hard work that’s required of you this year.

While your 4 Personal Year asks you to take stock of where you are right now and the direction you’re headed, your 5 Personal Month can sometimes feel like that friend who loves to have a little too much fun and is always ready to steer you away from your books and into a bar for a good time – even though your final exam is at 8 am tomorrow morning! The big question will be whether you put your head down and graft or let your hair loose and have some fun.

Around January 7 you can expect new information or opportunities to show up. This is a good thing as it will help you move along with that project you’ve been tinkering on, pushing it in a positive direction. January 17 and 26 will provide a few more opportunities that will call on you to remain in your power. Number 4 holds energy associated with limitations, so expect a few moments that will require you to work through and with the limitations that hold you back, including those which are self-imposed.

There’s no doubt that this is going to be a demanding year, and as you put on your combat boots and get ready to kick some butt, the immediate energy of freedom and fun that the number 5 infuses into the start of your year can offer a cushy landing into a 4 Personal Year that will undoubtedly be challenging.

Coming off the back of your creative 3 Personal Year, 2022 will likely be a time that calls on you to implement that beautiful thing you started creating last year. Perhaps it was that short story you’ve been working on, or that entrepreneurial venture you’ve been planning in the background. This month is a great time to set these things in motion as January beckons you to step onto a platform of freedom. So, what are you looking to catapult into the universe that will allow you to enjoy more freedom – on all levels – this is the perfect time to reflect.

The skies are the limit, but realize that your 4 Personal Year will call you back down to earth with a heavy and arduous thump. This year is all about putting your game face on and demands that you get serious and make practical decisions that will enable you to manifest that goal or desire you’ve been eager to bring into reality. However, don’t expect the universe to hand this to you on a silver platter. Hard work, planning, and action steps are requirements needed to make this happen.

January can feel like a breath of fresh air that thrusts you into a demanding year. So bask in it! Also use some of your free time to check out my YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo   . This is a great way to stay focused on practical tasks that must be accomplished this year. If you start to feel weary at any time throughout the year,  take some time to meditate on your Vision Board and remind yourself of your goals.

Your Summary For The Month:  Create practical actions steps that will allow you to create the freedoms you crave.

3 Personal Year: JANUARY is a 4 Personal Month For You


It’s time to let loose … responsibly of course! Your motto for this year is to express yourself.

The number 3 is all about fun, creativity, and expression. While those all sound like elements that will bring about a fun and exciting year, it’s also a year that will ask you to put your emotional life under the microscope – scary, right.

While your 3 Personal Year is meant to be a little lighter, social, and a time for more fun than 2021 was, those emotions eager to bubble to the surface may feel as though they’re dragging you down. This may require you to adjust your focal point in a way that forces you to see the ways in which you remain emotionally unavailable with friends, family, or partners. Or perhaps this is the year that pushes you to speak up for yourself when it comes to a certain family member. Whatever the scenario, your emotional life, and reactions, traumas, or the tired-old narrative you’ve been telling yourself at bedtime will be very much up in your face this year.

January is going to be a bit of a tricky month as it beckons you to walk a tight rope between the energies of the numbers 3 and 4. A bit like oil and water, 3 is all about expression, fun, and creativity, while the number 4 brings it all down to earth as it asks you to be a bit more practical and productive as you place your emotions on hold to forge ahead.

Yup, it’s a balancing act all right, but a great way to juggle the two is to find a way to enjoy the productive energy of number 4 while having a little fun – maybe do a little dance while you work.

Despite having to put on your serious pants in January, the rest of the year will provide you with the chance to kick it off and try something a bit less restrictive, especially when February rolls around. If a self-improvement project has captured your heart and imagination, this is the ideal time to put some plans into motion. Perhaps you have your eye on that nutrition course or you’ve finally decided to speak to a financial advisor to help you sort out your finances. Or if investing in real estate has been on your mind, lay down the foundation to make a purchase or sale of property a true possibility in 2022. Don’t be intimidated by the magnitude of any project, think of it as “one brick at a time” builds the house. You have to just lay brick by brick, one thing at a time, day by day.

Whatever the self-improvement task at hand – do it! January is a great time to get your affairs in order so that you can have a little fun as 2022 unfolds.

While the energy of numbers 3 and 4 may seem like polar opposites, one thing that they do have in common is that they ask you to take a closer look at emotional trauma rooted in family. Examples of this can be anything from expressing your thoughts on an experience that continues to follow you through life, or taking those emotionally traumatic experiences and using them to express yourself creatively – writing, painting, or music are all great ways of doing this.

No matter how this shows up for you, this month will ensure you have the perfect foundation needed to step into a more creative and communication-centered year. Also you can also check out my YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo to support your foundation building and manifestation magic!

Your Summary For This Month: Create and Build a launchpad that will catapult you into a creatively juicy year!



2 Personal Year- JANUARY is a 3 Personal Month For You


You may be hearing the angelic sounds of a harp playing in the background as you enter the end of a huge three-year transition cycle. Or at least, that’s what it may feel like with some rest finally on the cards.

Your 8 Personal Year (2019) was one of personal empowerment, following your 9 Personal Year (2020) of surrender and transformation, and finally ending with your 1 Personal Year (2021) which was all about harnessing the power of being active and taking initiative.

But wow, you’ve made it!

PATIENCE, in all caps, is what 2022 is all about. As you attempt to navigate this year, prepare yourself because it may sometimes feel as though you’re stuck in a waiting room that’s playing terrible music. Or it could feel like you’re trudging through mud.

Despite the frustration that may come with this, it’s the ideal time to turn inward and get to know the new and improved you! Emotions and the way you engage with them will step into the spotlight this year. If you’re ready to call in an authentic partnership this year, you may want to cultivate healthy energetic, and emotional boundaries for yourself.

Your soul is getting some much-needed spotlight time this year as the energy of 2022 calls on you to take a closer look at yourself on a soul level. It may sound like a big ask, but it’s more about learning to understand what you need more of in your life right now. Perhaps you need to set some healthy boundaries and learn to say  “no” when you need to and “yes” when you want to. This year may also call on you to take off that metaphorical mask and allow friends, family, and colleagues to get a closer look at who you truly are and how you feel.

The energy of this year will draw your attention to calling in experiences that will align with personal boundaries and ensure that you get more acquainted with who you truly are when placed under the microscope when it comes to any condition and situation.

It’s similar to a diamond being created under intense pressure, this year will ask some important questions such as: what are your core values? Who are you when no one is looking?

There will be some lessons centered on emotions this year as the energy of number 2 does not allow itself to be engulfed by emotions that are undisciplined. There will be some incredible opportunities for you to step into a deeper sense of self, especially when it comes to navigating self-worth as you learn to tackle this with diplomacy. Basically, becoming that incredibly empowered being that says no to being the family doormat or punching bag. Of course, this doesn’t only relate to family dynamics and can include friendships and romantic partners. On the flip side, you may be asked to let go of being too self-absorbed and not taking the feelings of those around you into consideration.

All of these emotions are balanced by the energy of the number 3, which asks us to be a bit more creative and light. January is bound to be a month filled with fun, creativity, and lots of connection as you focus your attention on personal development and getting to know yourself a little deeper. Fun and communication are two aspects that are highlighted by this number, so getting social and having fun are supported. Expression is a biggie when it comes to this number too, so grab your journal, canvas, or call your therapist because anything that gets things moving (in a good way) is what January is screaming at you to do. You can also check out my YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo and use the creative energy of the number 3 to plant seeds and manifest!

Also keep in mind, around January 17, 18 or 26th, some crucial social or work-related introductions may be made by colleagues or friends. To prepare for this, treat yourself to a mini makeover. Anything that allows you to put your creativity to work in a physical way will add fresh energy to your aura and keep you vibrating high!

Your summary for this month: Express those emotions, turn inward, and get creative!

1 Personal Year- JANUARY is a 2 Personal Month For You


You may be quietly limping into January with a few metaphorical injuries, but thankfully, this month is not about to kick you while you’re down as it’s meant to be a time of rest and rejuvenation.

This will likely be a welcome reset for you, especially after the intense transformation that has been the main theme for your 9 Personal Year. But give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve made it through to the end of a grueling and deeply transformational nine-year cycle!

This start of the new year and a new cycle in your life means that this is a particularly important juncture as you create a foundation for growth during this new period in your life, so be careful with what you choose to focus your energy and attention on. You may feel as though you want to hit the ground running as January unfolds, but slow down. This month is all about re-evaluating, recovering, and restoration.

Avoid the urge to tackle this month with a sense of urgency. Instead, take a step back and admire the delays that present themselves, offering your heart and mind that little reminder that it’s okay to not always be on the go all the time.

Rather than hitting the gas peddle, focus your energy and attention on nourishing relationships, partnerships, and supporting some sort of team effort or dynamic.

Emotions may bubble to the surface during this time, but this is merely an invitation to feel and express them in a healthier and mature way. You may feel like you’re touching on an emotional year, with relationships taking center stage. However, it’s still the perfect time to get cozy and sit with change as you step into an exciting and powerful year ahead.

A few issues from the previous year may follow you into 2022 and is something that you will need to wrap up with a tight bow as you step into your New Year. The month of January is a wonderful time to do just that, giving you some time and space to give things a proper conclusion. These things can be anything from finishing up paperwork to an emotional reset.

Expect your patience to be tested.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your plans or manifestations delayed, but trust that everything is done in divine timing as this period needs to be extended and integrated differently to the vision you had percolating in your head. We’re reminded of that old Yiddish proverb here: You plan, God laughs. It may feel as though the Universe is having the biggest laugh at your expense as you neatly lay out your awesome plans but again, patience is the key here. Remember that germination is a universal law. A seed needs time and nourishment to grow right?

Expect a few business opportunities to make themselves known though around January 26. Since January is asking you to place a magnifying glass on relationships and group dynamics, anything business-related is going to ask you to put on your teamwork and diplomacy hat as you follow through with details.

Guilt and rest appear to go hand-in-hand when it comes to our society, especially when productivity is the goal. Try and release this feeling and give yourself permission to enjoy this time of rest and relaxation.

You’re in the final year of this crucial three-year transition cycle and having a plan in front of you is oh-so-important. Use this rest period to sit down and write your intentions for 2022. I suggest taking the time to revisit or re-do your vision board. Here is a quick YouTube video/guide on how I like to organize my VISION board https://youtu.be/yUxpDy3lNMo. Cheers to new beginnings and a time of powerful manifestations.

Your summary for the month: Rest, Recalibrate, Nurture your relationships with love and compassion!

9 Personal Year: December is a 3 Personal Month For You


Reflection on this year: Take a moment to reflect on how your 9 Personal Year has forced you to relook at what is no longer serving you in order to start a new chapter of your life.

You may be feeling as though you’re about to collapse with exhaustion right about now, but the end is well in sight.

This year has asked you to let go of the old in order to make space for the new as you embrace the vibrant changes needed to uplevel your life. If you’ve felt the weight of these changes and managed to make it through this year intact – well done!

You may have found yourself saying goodbye to that toxic friendship or co-dependent relationship that only sought to bring you down. Your 9 Personal Year has asked you to step up and embrace change, and while you may have had to throw out a few things, it’s not all a Shakespeare tragedy. This is an incredibly transformative time that will likely reverberate throughout every level of your life.

There’s no question that the undertone that flows throughout your 9 Personal Year will feel intense, as internal questions leave you frustrated and result in a sense of turmoil. While none of this sounds like a fun time, if you’ve managed to go with the flow of change, you may be thanking the Universe for the incredible dreams and desires that you’ve managed to manifest this year.

The month of December can feel as though the clouds are parting and the mist is clearing – perfectly aligning with the energy of the new cycle you’re gearing up for. The possibilities are endless if you allow yourself to clean your lenses and look at life with a fresh perspective. While you may still be attempting to heal a few battle scars, stop licking your wounds and yourself to let go and enjoy the beauty of this month.

Do what brings you joy. Grab a drink with a few friends. Head to the therapist and pour out your emotions. Now is the ideal time to find a way to communicate in a healthy way as you dive deeper and take action.

You may find that as you move into the new year, the energy of your 9 Personal Year may filter through. This can be particularly true if you haven’t found the courage to let go of that which needs to be released. Saying hello to change and giving it a big fat hug when it enters the door is never easy. It’s challenging, so don’t stress about not having let go of that worn-out thing yet. After all, it’s a process.

There may have been some moments during your 9 Personal Year that’s left you feeling as though you’ve taken two steps forward and five steps back. However, the energy of this year asks you to take a few steps back in order to see the bigger picture. It’s all about bringing to the forefront what needs to be resolved in order for you to move forward in an authentic way.

Patience is the key! This year has not been easy and has brought some back-breaking work, but as you head into a new cycle, it’s time to think about lightening the mood and focusing on fun, socializing, creativity, and joy! Take a moment to appreciate the little things in life as you get into the swing of things this December.

This month is filled with fun and socializing, so allow yourself to embrace this exciting new time. Think of it as a time of celebration and gratitude for all the new beginnings that a 1 Personal Year has in store for you in 2022.