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Pinnacles And Challenges Results

Numerology Pinnacles Numbers

Pinnacle/Culmination Age SpanPinnacle Number
First Pinnacle 0-36 0
Second Pinnacle 37-450
Third Pinnacle 46-540
Fourth Pinnacle 55 & beyond0

Numerology Challenge Numbers

Challenge Age Span Challenge Number
First Challenge Number 0-36 0
Second Challenge Number 37-45 0
Third Challenge Number 46-54 0
Fourth Challenge Number 55 & beyond 0


Understanding your Personal Year Cycle in Numerology is a great way to gain information about what lies ahead for you during any given year. But learning to understand your Culmination and Challenges is perfect for anyone eager to level up. In Numerology, there are four distinct periods of development in our lives that often bring changes, and these periods are called Pinnacles or as I like to call them "Culminations."

Each Pinnacle number is a representation of the lessons that you'll need to learn and overcome during a specific period. You can find the longest period at the start and end of your life, with two nine-year cycles found firmly in the middle. These two "middle cycles" often align with the energies related to your Personal Year Cycle. The Pinnacle Numbers are essentially the energy that surrounds and influences you during these specific periods in your life, in conjunction with your Life Path Number. Knowing your Pinnacles and the Challenges that accompany them can bring a sense of validation and understanding about the experiences you have faced up until this point. It’s also a great way to gain insight into what you can expect in the coming years.

Here is the basic formula for finding your four Pinnacle Numbers:

First Pinnacle = Month of Birth + Day of Birth

Second Pinnacle = Day of Birth + Year of Birth

Third Pinnacle = First Life Stage Number + Second Life Stage Number

Fourth Pinnacle = Month of Birth + Year of Birth

Your challenge numbers and Pinnacles are interconnected. Therefore, you should learn and understand your challenge numbers as well. The Challenge Number shows the negative or destructive components of the number that you'll be challenged with, while simultaneously being asked to step up and embrace the positive and constructive elements of the number. You don't overcome Challenge Numbers, but you do learn from the experiences, which will become a better version of yourself. This list is simply a peek into some of the potential extreme characteristics of the Challenge Number. The Challenge Number is inherently confrontational; it forces you to conquer the destructive energies while embracing and aligning with the constructive energies that are associated with a specific Pinnacle Number.

Here is the basic formula for finding your Challenge Numbers:

First Challenge Number = Day of Birth – Month of Birth

Second Challenge Number = Year of Birth – Day of Birth

Third Challenge Number = Second Challenge Number – First Challenge Number

Fourth Challenge Number = Year of Birth – Month of Birth

Pinnacle 1

The overview of this Pinnacle is to develop your individuality and independence, as the primary energy and focus are around mastering these aspects. This period is a great time to evolve and express your uniqueness by nurturing original ideas, being a leader, achieving success, and attaining recognition for those incredible achievements.

An important note: Everyone has to start somewhere, even those who are destined and groomed to be in leadership positions. Naturally, this means that you'll be an intern first. You'll need to work for your opportunities and success - no freebies here. But if this does miraculously happen - make sure you run with it. You'll need to create your opportunities through determination, desire and the ability to keep pushing despite the hardships.

When Your First Pinnacle is Number 1: With the first Pinnacle, there is no circumstance or person that doesn't have a reason for being in your life - nothing is an accident. All people and experiences in your life are here to guide you - they are your teachers if you're willing to welcome this idea. When you have this number as your First Pinnacle, you'll spend your youth cultivating original ideas. During this time it's best to lead rather than be led, and to rely on yourself without responding by being stubborn and self-centered. This is a period of falling and getting back up again, which can be incredibly frustrating. But this is a period that's ruled by exponential growth, which can bring with it fantastic opportunities.

When Your Second or Third Pinnacle is Number 1: If you have a Number 1 for the Second or Third Pinnacle, you'll be tested and prepared for embracing leadership and developing all the aspects that will make you an exceptional leader. To embrace this, you'll need to focus on the following characteristics: drive, vision, courage and trustworthiness. Along with a sense of frustration, you may also experience a level of aggressiveness during this time. The only thing stopping you from getting ahead is your ambition.

When Your Fourth Pinnacle is Number 1: Unfortunately, any notion of slowing down or retiring may not be possible. Challenges and changes will define this portion of your life, but your achievements will be profound if you become skillful in leadership and expressing your original ideas. During this season of your life, integrating your creative ideas and pursuing your individuality and self-reliance will be your biggest challenges.

When Your Challenge Number is 1:

If you have the number 1 as a Challenge Number, you are being asked to take action and become a leader. This time is all about standing up for yourself, being resilient and finding your authentic self in the process. Unfortunately, this process won't be easy, and you'll have to work at cultivating your leadership qualities, sharpen your people skills and have unwavering faith in your vision to get the job done.

You may feel that you're being dominated during this time, and this can manifest either professionally or in relationships. This feeling may lead you to be competitive and to feel the need to over-achieve. The test lies in keeping a cool head and recognizing when you're being swept away by this negative energy. Instead, try to focus your energy on keeping your ego in check and remaining humble.It's a great time to learn about being self-reliant and solving problems on your own. You may be prone to being argumentative or resentful, but throw this out the window, and instead; focus on nurturing your intelligence and confidence. Critics will inevitably cross your path, but don't allow this to distract you from your vision or bring you down.

Potential Destructive Aspects of the 1 Challenge:

  • Feelings of insecurity
  • Feeling as though you know everything and that you're always right.
  • Feelings of frustration that can lead to poor health.
  • Becoming incredibly emotionally attached or needy.

Pinnacle 2

With this Pinnacle you're being asked to delve deeper into mastering the art of sharing, consideration, teamwork, and being the best version of yourself in relationships without sacrificing the "I". This Pinnacle represents partnerships, harmony and patience. It's a time where experiences that have unconditional love at its center take precedence - this can be anything from partnerships, marriage or being a parent. During this time, you're being called upon to work on the art of connection.

The energy of the two also relates to paying attention to detail and being a team player without compromising your joy and harmony that you are being asked to nurture. Anywhere that requires and values accuracy and attention to detail will leave you feeling happy. Unfortunately, you will have to resign yourself to working with little recognition but looking inward for the acknowledgement to avoid feelings of resentment rearing its head.

When Your First Pinnacle Is Number 2: Because this occurs early on in your life, people may view you as an oversensitive child who unwittingly absorbs the emotions of those around them. Since you're not yet mature enough to realize you are taking on the emotions of others, you may have a difficult time expressing yourself - both verbally and emotionally. You may have a strong attachment to your mother, making her a powerful influence on you during this time.

When Your Second or Third Pinnacle Is Number 2: This Pinnacle is influenced by energies related to working with other people and finding harmony. It's a time that emphasizes teamwork. You'll be at your most productive when you find yourself focusing on mastering patience, promoting balance in everything you do, and a desire to let go of credit based on your contributions. The work you do during this time may be very detail-orientated and demanding.

When Your Fourth Pinnacle is Number 2: This part of your life is bursting with harmony, no matter whether you decide to retire or continue working. To feel a sense of fulfillment, you'll need to practice patience, understanding and cooperation. You'll still find yourself needing to reel in your tendency to be sensitive, as overblown emotions will only be a disadvantage.

When Your Challeng Number is 2

This is one of the most common challenge numbers as it relates to trying to see the perspective of others and developing your sensitivity around human relationships. While this is a challenge for all of us, when it comes up as your Challenge Number it may manifest more intently with feelings of fear, doubt, being unable to advocate for yourself, and lack of self-confidence.

The challenge is to not base your actions on what other people will think of you and finding a way to work with the energies of tact and cooperation. Being able to harness this energy may be difficult for you, especially since working with people brings up feelings of fear of being judged, criticized and being ignored.

The key is to integrate the constructive aspects of this Challenge Number. Use your sensitivities as a superpower, using it to hone on what others are feeling. You may find it difficult to assert yourself and make concrete decisions, and you will find yourself stepping away from any form of responsibility. This is the ideal time to take it slow and enjoy conscious growth, so try not to focus on the need for immediate results.

Potential Destructive Aspects of the 2 Challenge:

  • Feelings of resentfulness and being underappreciated for everything you do for others.
  • Being unable to go through with things that you want to do (apply for that job, start that business)
  • Feeling unworthy and allowing others to walk all over you.
  • Being defensive, self-involved, and angry to the point of it being unreasonable.
  • Health issues pertaining specifically in the joints

Pinnacle 3

Overall, this is a time to delve into your emotions and get to know yourself on a deeper level, while nurturing your creativity - no matter how you express them. There can be no avoiding your emotions. Instead, this is your chance to learn how to express them. Keeping your feelings and creative ideas to yourself are detrimental to you, so make sure you allow others to see the incredible and creative you, along with all of your glorious emotions. During this time, you may feel the desire to be outgoing or overly loving, making this the perfect time to enjoy light activities that aids in your expression and happiness. Anything related to travel, friendships and social activities are encouraged by the energy of this Pinnacle. A form of artistic or creative expression may awaken during this period, even if you have never been drawn to it before.

Life seems to move more effortlessly with the number 3 so keep the faith, with the emphasis being placed on aligning with the present moment. Thoughts of the future may be left to the wayside, with plans not presenting precisely as you've designed them. It's a stage that can be characterized as "going with the flow", where change and movement beat setting down roots and trying to make things happen. Personal and verbal expression is the foundation of this stage, while creativity, imagination and dreaming are your themes.

When your First Pinnacle Is Number 3: While it sounds rather breezy, if the number 3 shows up during your Pinnacles, it offers many challenges. While there may be lots of opportunities to develop and pursue artistic and creative potentials, chances are you won’t recognize them or be willing to work at making them come to fruition this early in life because you lack the wisdom and experience that comes with age. So instead, there’s a tendency to scatter your energies or perhaps to work on fleeting ideas. Better yet: You may just be having too much fun to worry about the future. The best spin: The Three First Pinnacle will encourage the development of a creative career

When Your Second or Third Pinnacle Is Number 3: Your achievements and responsibilities are contingent on your social attitude and communication skills during this time. This is a time characterized by emotions and imagination and may present you with plenty of creative opportunities through writing, designing, or even the entertainment industry. If you're willing to cultivate the healthy elements of this number, you may find that you effortlessly attract money. It's also a life filled with creativity, allowing you to attract and inspire others.

When Your Fourth Pinnacle Is Number 3: There's a good chance that travel and social activities are on the horizon when the number three shows up. This includes not having to worry about finances. This latter stage in your life brings with it plenty of comforts and creative freedom.

When Your Challenge Number Is 3

One of the major teachings from this Challenge Number is that your words influence your life. The challenge may present itself by masking your true feelings through self-criticizing or humor. However, your challenge could also be the complete opposite of this, manifesting as someone who takes themselves too seriously. The energy that surrounds this number is one of pure happiness and is beckoning you to use your natural creative energy to develop a spirit that's caring, happy, and inspiring.

But this is also a number that holds an energy that may make you feel scattered, and you may find yourself doing too many things at once. You may have an incredible imagination and a particular way with words - both through writing and speaking - during this challenge you may feel like you've hit a wall when it comes to expressing yourself effectively and from an honest place. The immense joy that this number has to offer may be lost on you, as you retreat deeper into yourself, experiencing feelings of hopelessness, and even depression. Feelings of negativity may surround you during this time, which could lead you to become withdrawn and defensive.

You may also find that it's not easy to hold onto money as it disappears as quickly as it enters your wallet. You may have a desire to flex your natural creative talent for speaking, writing or acting, but the fear of being criticized can leave you feeling overwhelmed and disheartened. These feelings might lead you to express yourself through a negative lens (think suspicion and harsh judgement), or you may hide your talents behind a wall of shyness. It's important to jump over these hurdles as best you can, and develop yourself socially and creatively.

Potential Destructive Aspects of the 3 Challenge

  • Experiencing self-doubt that cripples you, making it difficult to move forward in life.
  • Reacting from a position of criticism and judgement.
  • Swimming in a sea of negativity.
  • Withdrawing and becoming emotionally unavailable.
  • Not expressing yourself effectively and honestly, using manipulation as a tool instead.
  • Absorbing the emotions of others and becoming emotionally sensitive.

Pinnacle 4

This Pinnacle is all about building a stable foundation and is usually a period when you're focused on career and family. Because this is a stage that's meant to help you build a solid foundation for your future, it can be a period of incredible growth, learning and tough love. This energy is practical, allowing you to take your ideas and grow them in the material world, allowing you to bring about your vision through discipline and a serious attitude.

This is a time that will see you tested around perseverance, getting around/over restrictions and recognizing. This Pinnacle is all about being dependable and diligent, allowing you to thrive when immersing yourself in work, and have a strong compulsion to do so.

When Your First Pinnacle Is Number 4: With the 4 First Pinnacle influencing this stage of your life, you may have a challenging childhood and adolescence. It can be a very demanding period of your life, and this can present itself through having to work due to economic circumstances or being motivated to pursue your education. Either way, you'll have a jam-packed schedule that leaves little time for fun or relaxation.

When Your Second or Third Pinnacle Is Number 4: With the 4 influencing your second and third Pinnacle, it will encourage your ability to achieve and get ahead in the world, mainly because you have a talent for “out-working” others around you. You may have economic constraints during this time, but this is merely there to test your dedication to building a stable foundation while facing these constraints and not being beaten.

When Your Fourth Pinnacle is Number 4: Any desire to slow down and retire will not be satisfied during this time, as this number doesn't register the concept of slowing down. You must do work that allows you to feel a sense of achievement. Unfortunately, economic constraints may play a part in your inability to slow down and retire. This is a Pinnacle that teaches you about "making an effort". Showing up and taking this energy seriously can help you enjoy a life that will reap the benefits that this energy wants to offer you. As you're challenged to build a lasting foundation, you are also thoughtfully constructing a future relationship with money, dealing with obstacles and limitations, and implementing effective systems.

When Your Challenge Number is 4

When you’re met with a Number 4 Challenge, you are meant to learn about the value of discipline, organization, practicality, hard work, and thrift. Take this to heart: This isn’t an easy challenge. It’s full of restrictions and limitations that are demanding you learn how to succeed and work within these boundaries.

It’s also a time where you’re challenged with learning to set your own personal boundaries with others, learning to temper impatience, stubbornness, narrow-mindedness, and self-righteousness. With the 4 Challenge, you are being pulled to slow down, create a clear plan with obtainable goals, and then work tirelessly to achieve them.

The 4 Challenge also suggests a difficulty with work. Either you are challenged with not wanting to work at all, not liking the work you are “forced” to do, or problems completing tasks and working with efficiency. You may also exhibit tendencies to be careless and lack a sense of practicality. With this number, it’s difficult not only to focus on work and obligations, but equally as difficult even to see what the real issues surrounding work and obligations are. You might not feel that you’re being lazy. You might feel you’re just unlucky. Or make excuses about it. You get the idea.

With a 4 Challenge, it’s vital to learn patience, understanding, and the practical and effective way to deal with what you might consider mundane responsibilities. You’ll most likely also be challenged to learn the importance of working within the parameters of a time schedule, showing up on time and when you say you will, and managing your downtime constructively.

Potential Destructive Aspects of the 4 Challenge

  • Feelings of discouragement and confusion, often resulting in you feeling like a victim.
  • Being undependable, uncommitted, lazy, and irresponsible.
  • Making the same mistakes over and over again.
  • Allowing your relationships within your family to influence decisions negatively.
  • Avoidance of, and difficulties with, systems and processes.
  • Being prone to panic attacks when feeling overwhelmed.

Pinnacle 5

Change is the fundamental influence over this Pinnacle and get ready for lots of it. It's a time for letting go of restrictive patterns and finding a new sense of freedom. This change can come in the forms of many things, including, career, relationships, spirituality or health. If you love a good shakeup, then this is an excellent time of transformation without the growing pains. What you'll be called to learn during this time is how to be flexible and adapt to your ever-changing world. Try and go with the flow, as resisting any change will continuously show up for you but do your best to avoid being impulsive.

When Your First Pinnacle Is Number 5: During this first Pinnacle, it can be difficult to find stability and establish a solid foundation later as an adult. The energy of the number 5 has you living by your own rules, which can be great if you can keep your head on straight. If not, you may find yourself getting into trouble quite a bit. You may crave independence and be impulsive during this period.

When Your Second or Third Pinnacle Is Number 5: The influence of the number 5 allows you to progress and realize your goals in a fast-paced and changing environment. Your sense of freedom is strong during this Pinnacle, with adaptability being the key to developing healthily during this time. Your desire for freedom and adventure may be detrimental to your relationships, so you must be mindful and careful.

When Your Fourth Pinnacle Is Number 5: There's no slowing down with the 5 Pinnacle. This can be a riveting stage in your life as change and variation continue to pop up. This final stage brings freedom from financial or home-life worries, with travel and adventure being the primary focus. It's a transformational time but maybe tinged with restlessness. Finding a balance is crucial during this time, as you may tend to overindulge in all things.

When Your Challenge Number Is 5

The energy associated with the number 5 is a restless desire to have personal freedom at any costs. However, be mindful when trying to free yourself from restrictive behaviors. There is a chaotic nature to this challenge, and you may find yourself being impulsive and unstable. The number 5 brings with it freedom, but through self-discipline, and you may find yourself trying to avoid any form of responsibility rather than committing to healthy and productive change. For this Challenge, you'll need to master how to rein in your impulsiveness and reckless nature.

Potential Destructive Aspects of the 5 Challenge

  • Being reckless and irresponsible
  • Overindulging and lacking and lack of discipline
  • Easily addicted to food, sex, drugs, etc.
  • Being unstable and playing the victim. Darting from one relationship to the next. The same with jobs.
  • Mental health, injuries, accidents, adrenal burnout may be present.

Pinnacle 6

The keywords associated with this Pinnacle are responsibility, nurturing and love! It's also a time that requires you to learn about finding a balance between giving to others and yourself. Move too far to the right, and you may feel like you're running on empty. Move too far to the left, and you may find yourself too self-involved or self-absorbed. Lessons will present themselves when this imbalance is present.

This is also a stage where you may feel the need to be of service in some shape or form, which can bring about money when you're focused on your inspired contributions and service. Love and marriage may accompany this state, with a focus on family and home. However, you may find yourself feeling tied-down by immense responsibility.

When Your First Pinnacle Is Number 6: In the early stage of your life, responsibility towards family and home take precedence. This can be experiences related to parents or siblings. The energy that surrounds the six Pinnacle suggests that you may have an overbearing parent or authority figure in your life during this time.

When Your Second or Third Pinnacle Is Number 6: You may find immense satisfaction in accepting an increase in responsibility. Your career may take a back seat to family and friends during this time, which will force you to cater to the demands of them rather than the development of self.

When Your Fourth Pinnacle Is Number 6: The energy of the six tends to romanticize the world, people and relationships. This may result in being stubborn or opinionated. As you’re tested with not being over or under responsible, so you’ll need to learn how to regulate this sense of responsibility.

When Your Challenge Number is 6

You may feel burdened by family responsibilities, but you're learning how to serve others while finding a balance between your commitment to others and the ones to yourself. This is a challenge that's all about learning responsibility and nurturing others. However, you may find yourself feeling frustrated and unhappy as you're susceptible to demanding too much from others and yourself.

If you lean into the energy of the number 6, you may come across as someone intolerant or self-righteous. You'll need to learn how to allow others to live their own lives and set their own rules. This challenge requires you to learn about unconditional love and acceptance.

Potential Destructive Aspects of the 6 Challenge

  • Being judgmental and feeling as if you’re better than everyone.
  • Being angry and disappointed with those around you, to the point that it boils over into pessimism.
  • Becoming self-absorbed and not being interested in helping those around you.
  • Avoiding your emotions
  • Becoming such a perfectionist that you develop feelings of fear of failure.
  • Health issues that can be chest related (such as respiratory diseases e.g. asthma)

Pinnacle 7

The general influence of this Pinnacle is introspection, study and gaining skills. This is a time in your life where you're being asked to dig deeper into your inner world. By working with the energy of the number 7, you'll be able to gain considerable wisdom and skills, using your gifts to allow others to seek their truth and wisdom.

You'll be a bit of a loner during this time, and you'll find comfort in working alone. While marriage is a possibility, it will take some effort from both partners during this Pinnacle. You may not have any interest in material matters or practical aspects, which could result in finances being tight.

When Your First Pinnacle Is Number 7: You may feel as though you don't belong, with life experiences that allow you to gain the teaching tools you need for your journey. People may call you a "serious" student. It may also be a time that's difficult and confusing for you.

When Your Second or Third Pinnacle Is Number 7: Anything outside of the realm of research, spiritual or philosophical ventures may leave feeling like you're progressing at a snail's pace. Your spiritual and internal areas will reap the benefits of this Pinnacle. But your financial and material world may suffer.

When Your Fourth Pinnacle Is Number 7: - While you may have a strong focus on your internal journey, it doesn't stop you from enjoying the material world. Whether this is holding a job or going out on the town with friends, you will still need to allow yourself the time and energy to focus on studying various experiences.

When Your Challenge Number Is 7

It's not unheard of to feel isolated and lonely during this inner exploration. The key to this challenge is understanding that all experiences are ammunition for your growth. Therefore, you'll be called to hone your skills of intuition, spirituality and observation during this time. You may find that you're wrestling with your inner feelings and thoughts, and can leave you feeling disconnected from people and situations. You could feel the need to build a wall and hide behind your true feelings, but this is a chance to deepen your abilities and faith. This is the time to find your authentic self.

Potential Destructive Aspects of the 7 Challenge

  • Zoning out and turning to drugs, alcohol or spending too much time online to numb yourself.
  • Avoiding the world and being isolated. Or not being able to be alone.
  • Becoming too focused on material possessions and money.
  • Mental Health-related issues such as anxiety and depression.

Pinnacle 8

The primary influence surrounding this Pinnacle is business and commercial activity. You'll have plenty of opportunities during this Pinnacle, allowing you to define your relationship with money, power, and achievement. Responsibility, managing finances and leadership are also essential factors during this time. This may seem like a dream come true, but be sure that you'll be tested along the way.

You'll need to rely on your courage, tenacity and strength to truly embrace the financial success, recognition and endless opportunities that this Pinnacle will bring. This Pinnacle is no work in the park and will ask a lot from you. While this is an energy that supports all aspects of money, power and leadership, it also demands that you achieve this through honesty, a moral code and feelings of abundance.

This is a time to focus on the practical side of things, with the spotlight firmly on management skills and abilities. Emotions will be downplayed during this time, as you become more shrewd in business.

When Your First Pinnacle Is Number 8:Your entrepreneurial skills are on fire during this stage, although you may hit a few bumps in the road thanks to various limitations - these can be extremely frustrating for you. However, your dedication to entrepreneurship is unshakeable. You’re a star when it comes to practical thinking, but you’ll be tested when it comes to various aspects of personal power. .

When Your Second or Third Pinnacle Is Number 8: This is a time to focus on the practical side of things, with the spotlight firmly on management skills and abilities. Emotions will be downplayed during this time, as you become more shrewd in business.

When Your Fourth Pinnacle Is Number 8: There's no quiet retirement for you during this time, as business, wealth, and status determine this phase in your life. It's also the ideal time to give back, whether this is through money or the influence your standing has on helping others. Along with this and the power of abundance, you'll establish an incredible legacy that will last for lifetimes.

When Your Challenge Number is 8:

If you're able to move from a negative mindset around money and success, into one that supports and knows that you can achieve great success and wealth during this lifetime, then the doors will swing open. Achievement is the keyword during this challenge, and will therefore be a hurdle you will need to overcome.

The more destructive tendencies of this challenge may begin to infiltrate your heart, as you feel a need to safeguard and accumulate money and power. Family and relationships will suffer during this challenge, as you focus on yourself and financial achievement. The purpose of this challenge is to strike a balance between your ability to earn money and obtain success, along with ethics and giving back.

To fully be in your power, you will need to engage with honesty and your authentic self, rather than greed. This challenge is all about learning how to embrace your abilities and finding ways to empower others too.

Potential Destructive Aspects of the 8 Challenge:

  • Focusing on the material world and what you can gain from it without thinking of anything else.
  • Being greedy, uncompassionate, and uncompromising.
  • Smothering your power and choosing instead to be in poverty or other ways that allow you to avoid achieving in your life.
  • Getting apathetic and feeling exhausted with life.
  • May be prone to addiction and mental illness due to imbalance of energy

Pinnacle 9

Someone who has a 9 Pinnacle is the perfect representation of what an authentic humanitarian looks like. Through your unwavering wisdom and love, you're being called to share your gifts with others by inspiring them. It can be a tall order, but you're here to learn the art of giving and receiving.

The overarching theme of this Pinnacle is letting go, making it an incredible time to heal if you're willing to welcome it. If you're prepared to lean into the overarching theme and energy, you can achieve anything. The keyword is - surrender.

When Your First Pinnacle Is Number 9: Selflessness is often difficult for a young child to learn. Therefore, this Pinnacle may not affect you too much during the early stages of your life. During this time, you may find that you're the friend to those that have been excluded. You also seek to protect those who are bullied.

When Your Second or Third Pinnacle Is Number 9: You're being pulled to serve others during this time, with your actions revolving around humanitarian work. This can be through volunteering, charitable contributions, or working within a job that allows you to be of service. You're a champion that the world needs, with your purpose being around creating a positive change in the world, along with encouraging compassion and tolerance.

When Your Fourth Pinnacle Is Number 9: During this time, you may find yourself having slowed down. You have developed a caring and profound nature around yourself and others. Your work may be altruistic, allowing you to give more of yourself. If you've done well financially throughout your life, you will find yourself using your financial advantage and generosity to help causes you believe in.

When Your Challenge Number is Zero: The Cipher Number

The 0 Challenge is called the Cipher Number. This number represents all or nothing, empty or full. You decide. With this number, you are given “a free pass,” so to speak. You’re being offered an enhanced dose of free will.

An alternative name for the 0 Challenge is the cipher number. It's often referred to as the challenge of choice, but making a choice may seem impossible during this challenge. There are two options offered to you when you have this challenge number - meander along without any direction or grab the incredible opportunities that present itself as you rise above your obstacles and achieve success. To overcome this challenge, you need to have faith in your abilities, allowing you to analyze and make a choice without any feeling regarding the outcome.

This challenge also suggests that you have an "old soul", so the 0 offers you a chance to use your soul's knowledge. During this challenge, you are required to try and encompass all the numbers: 1= Independence, 2=Diplomacy, 3=Optimism, 4=Application, 5=Understanding, 6=Adaptation, 7=Wisdom, 8=Constructive Power, 9=Service.

We rarely decide from an authentic place. Therefore, take this challenge seriously, as a decision should always be made - hopefully, from an empowered place. A lot of responsibility is associated with this challenge number.

Master Numbers

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are called master numbers. They are powerful numbers that bring with it positives and negatives. Having these numbers amplifies the energy of the 2, 4 or 6 that goes along with it. The destructive qualities of these numbers are similar to their associated numbers, which is boosted by the Master energy.

11/2 Pinnacle:

When Any of Your Pinnacle Numbers Are The Master Number 11: If you're working with this number's energy, you may find yourself developing an incredible connection to your intuition. This Master Number creates quite a bit of inconsistency as you grow both spiritually and personally. The number 11 is one of creativity, and this Pinnacle allows you to throw yourself into service, creative, or intuitive endeavors - in whichever form you prefer. Anything from media work to poetry may be on the cards.

Because the energy of the number of 11 is also associated with philanthropy, metaphysical and spiritual studies, you could feel compelled to enter employment through philosophy, social reform or social welfare. You may feel detached from the daily practicalities of the world, which could present itself as a sense of nervousness, unease, or tension.

Your challenge during this Pinnacle will be around sensitivity. However, any intense life experiences are geared towards making sure that your actions reflect your words. All the difficulties you've experienced throughout your life will lead you to heal and help others.

Challenge Number 11/2:

When Any of Your Challenge Numbers Are The Master Number 11: When it comes to the number 11, you're being asked to lead with spiritual awareness, understanding and purpose. However, the number 2 is characterized by relationships, love and service. Therefore, your challenge is working with the constructive elements of these numbers. You will achieve this as you work from a place of strength and determination. One of the major challenges that you will have to deal with head-on is reeling in your ego, nervousness and possible addictions.

Pinnacle 22/4:

When Any of Your Pinnacle Numbers Are Master Number 22/4: : This Pinnacle is rare and usually becomes functional after two proceeding Pinnacles of 11/2. As this chosen path is rife with difficulties, you may find that you've undergone some extreme changes along the way. With this Pinnacle, you've been called to work on a higher spiritual path. You've experienced plenty up until this point, which will only serve humankind as you use the knowledge gained to affect people on a broad scale. If you're willing to fully tap into your power and organizational skills to create solutions to everyday problems, you will have the opportunity to experience personal and financial success.

You may not like it, but you are a role model for those around you. Therefore, it's important to walk the walk, allowing your actions to mirror your words.

Challenge Number 22/4

When Any of Your Challenge Numbers Are Master Number 22: The challenge of this number is similar to that of the number 4. This is a Challenge that asks you to learn about hard work, being savvy with your money and having discipline. It’s a Challenge that demands you succeed and work within these boundaries, along with setting personal boundaries with others. It’s also a time that asks you to educate yourself on how to navigate the emotions of impatience, stubbornness and being small-minded. You are being asked to create.

You may also have difficulty with work. Perhaps you don't want to work or dislike what you're being forced to do. Along with this, you may also tend to be careless and lack any sense of being practical. When it comes to work and obligations, the challenge may lie in you giving focus to the smaller details instead of focusing on the big picture. You must start to learn the art of patience, practicality and effectively dealing with dull responsibilities. Learning about time management and managing your free time in a valuable way will also be vital.

Pinnacle 33/6:

When Any of Your Pinnacle Numbers Are Master Number 33: Just like the 22/4, this Pinnacle is uncommon and demands that you operate from a place of higher values. This Master Number is known as the "Master Healer Energy" and represents the test of healing yourself and others using spiritual wisdom and principles. It will not be smooth sailing for you, but your purpose is to use all of your experiences (the good and bad) to teach others. This will have far-reaching effects. This is a stage of your life where you are called to be the master of your emotions. You will need to learn how to think expansively when spirituality and the physical world is concerned. There will require plenty of sacrifices, but the rewards will be unlimited. When using the nurturing energy of the six and the expressive energy of the 3, you'll be a force for change. If you're able to tap into the energy of this master number, you'll be protected and guided along your journey.

Challenge Number 33/6

When Any of Your Challenge Numbers Are Master Number 33/6: Just like the 22/4 Challenge Number, the 33/6 is not recognized as a true Challenge Number by most Numerologists. Therefore, the challenges for the 33 is the same as the 6 just as the 22/4 is the same as the 4. With the energy of the 6, you may feel burdened by family responsibilities, but you're learning how to serve others while finding a balance between your commitment to others and the ones to yourself. This is a challenge that's all about learning responsibility and nurturing others. However, you may find yourself feeling frustrated and unhappy as you're susceptible to demanding too much from others and yourself. If you lean into the energy of the number 6, you may come across as someone intolerant or self-righteous. You'll need to learn how to allow others to live their own lives and set their own rules. This challenge requires you to learn about unconditional love and acceptance.

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