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Hello, My Name is YANINA. I am a high vibrational consultant, here to help you transform Spiritually, Personally & Proffessionally

Welcome to Feel The Merge. My name is Yanina, and helping others to reach their highest and best potential is my purpose.

Born April 2nd in sunny California, I am a fiery Aries sun, Sag moon, and Leo rising with a background in Real Estate (residential sales, management, and leasing) and Dance (I toured the world for many years as a back-up dancer with artist such as Chris Brown, Usher, Mariah Carey, Ciara, and Babyface.) My services range from consulting businesses on how to effectively build teams, run high profile operations, increase sales, and manage their investments; to helping others evolve spiritually through the understanding and application of universal law. My ultimate mission as a light worker during this Age of Aquarius is to help organizations and individuals find harmony, balance, and success, hence Feel The Merge was born.

To “merge” or “coalesce” is to combine or create a single entity. I believe that in order to truly be happy, successful and whole, we must combine both spiritual and physical laws into our lives. For example, to attract more wealth takes work in both the spiritual and physical realm. You must change your thinking and have a spiritual practice that fuels your physical efforts. Such as meditation. As within, so without. Your inner world reflects your reality. It all starts with your thinking. The physical effort could be working your business plan, networking with others, obtaining a degree, or raising capital to jump start your investment strategy. Sometimes we focus to much on just one of these aspects which leaves our lives unbalanced. We should view the manifestation of the square of life which is love, wealth, health, and perfect self expression/purpose as needing both spiritual and physical attention daily. That is FEELING THE MERGE!

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