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Dosha Quiz 1

Discover your Dosha

Because mental traits and behavior tend to be more subjective, you should answer according to how you have felt and acted most of your life, or at least in the past few years. For physical traits, answer as objectively as possible. If you’re having a hard time doing so, try selecting the option that best describes someone physically similar to you.

If you developed an illness in childhood or as an adult, think of how things were for you before that illness. If more than one quality is applicable in each characteristic, choose the one that applies the most.

1. How would you describe your physical activity?

  • I am moderately active.

  • I am very active.

  • I'm rather inert.

2. How is your weight usually?

  • My weight is average.

  • My weight is rather low.

  • My weight is rather (too) high.

3. How is your skin?

  • My skin is dry, rough, cold.

  • My skin is soft, oily, warm.

  • My skin is thick, oily, cool.

4. How would you describe your hair?

  • My hair is thick, rather greasy, curly.

  • My hair is dry, brittle, fuzzy.

  • My hair is soft, greasy, red or blond.

5. What characteristics do your teeth have?

  • My teeth are rather medium sized, yellowish, with soft or bleeding gums.

  • My teeth are rather protruding, crooked, gapped, and tend to gum recession.

  • My teeth are rather strong, white, complete, and well-formed.

6. How are your eyes?

  • I have big, beautiful eyes, with strong and thick eyelashes.

  • I have medium-sized eyes with a more piercing glance.

  • I have small, active eyes.

7. How is your appetite and your digestion usually?

  • Rather variable and weak.

  • Good and substantial.

  • Stable and slow.

8. How would you describe your bone structure?

  • My bone structure is thin.

  • My bone structure is average.

  • My bone structure is strong.

9. How thirsty are you in general?

  • Variably thirsty.

  • Rather moderately thirsty.

  • Very thirsty.

10. What consistency does your bowel movement usually have?

  • My stool is rather soft, oily, and mushy.

  • My stool is rather thick, oily, heavy, and bulky.

  • My stool is rather dry, hard, and I am prone to constipation.

11. Which illnesses or ailments do you tend to have?

  • Diabetes, litholysis, bronchitis, sinusitis, obesity, water and mucus accumulation.

  • Hyperacidity of the stomach, skin disorders, liver and circulatory problems.

  • Nervous ailments, arthritis, neuralgia, joint problems, insomnia.

12. How would you describe your muscles?

  • My muscles are weak and stiff.

  • My muscles are strong and very pronounced.

  • My muscles are loose and well-formed.

13. What is the condition of your joints?

  • I have been protruding and cracking joints.

  • I have inconspicuous joints.

  • have moderately visible joints.

14. How would you describe your physique?

  • I have a rather strong physique.

  • I have an average physique.

  • I have a slender physique.

15. What best describes your state of mind?

  • I am aggressive and intelligent.

  • I am calm and gentle.

  • I am restless, active, and curious.

16. If you were to experience any of the following emotions, which would be most likely?

  • Anxiousness, fear, uncertainty.

  • Aggressiveness, irritability, jealousy.

  • Greed, possessiveness, selfishness.

17. How would you describe your way of faith or spirituality?

  • I'm rather erratic and able to change.

  • My beliefs convictions are very stable.

  • My convictions are strong, sometimes even fanatical.

18. How good is your memory?

  • I have a good short-term memory but a bad long-term memory.

  • My memory is good.

  • I learn more slowly, but I never forget.

19. What do you experience in your dreams?

  • I fly, jump, run and am rather anxious.

  • My dreams are fiery, passionate, colorful, and I tend to feel angry in them.

  • My dreams are about the oceans, water, and they are quite romantic.

20. How do you sleep usually?

  • My sleep is short, but deep.

  • My sleep is long and heavy.

  • My sleep is rather inconsistent, and I wake up at night easily.

21. How do you experience your own speech?

  • My speech is sharp and clear-cut.

  • My speech is fast, chaotic, and uninterrupted.

  • My speech slow, melodic, or monotonous.

22. How is your relationship with money?

  • I spend money rather easily and impulsively.

  • I spend money moderately and methodically.

  • I spend very little money, and like to save.

23. How is your pulse?

  • My pulse moves like a frog and throbs strongly.

  • My pulse moves like a swan and is rather slow.

  • My pulse moves like a snake and is rather weak.

24. How strong is your perspiration usually?

  • My perspiration varies.

  • I sweat heavily.

  • I sweat moderately.

25. Which taste preferences do you have?

  • I like spicy, bitter, and tart.

  • I like sweet, salty, and sour.

  • I like sweet, bitter, and tart.


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