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Take The Enneagram Test To Discover Your Personality Type Today!

The universal meaning of numbers is an esoteric topic of great importance and an essential tool for all spiritual researchers to read and interact with reality and creation. The Enneagram, as an instrument of self-knowledge, helps us to understand which thoughts and moods slow us down and block us and which can be our strengths to evolve and proceed on the path of personal transformation on our spiritual journey.

What is the Enneagram?

Enneagram literally means “9 graphs” or “9 point” or “9 drawings” and describes 9 types of personality characterized by a particular mental model or psychological core. It determines why we are the way we are, what we do, what our character traits are, including defects and virtues; what external elements we base happiness and unhappiness on, what we are afraid of and what we run away from; what our strengths and innate qualities are, how we would like others to see us; including what is the emotional pitfall that deceives us many times in our lives, and the root of most of our emotional problems and conflicts.

A fundamental idea behind the Enneagram is that all human beings have two important aspects: essence and personality. This means that, on the one hand, each of us has a true Self (different from the Ego), a true essence that goes beyond classifications, social, family and professional roles.

Are you ready to exist in full self-knowledge and actualization instead of a learned fragmented personality? Are you ready to stop second guessing every decision you make and become more confident in following your internal guidance system otherwise known as “your intuition?’

The Enneagram test, will allow you to discover your individual personality type which forms a blueprint of your conscious and unconscious ways of behaving. Ultimately, by studying and overcoming our personality type and recognizing unfruitful habits, we gain a better grip over our responses and reactions to those around us.

Dive deep into the oceans of change and take one step closer to living your desired life by Discovering your Enneagram Personality Type Today! In order to support your healing journey we will schedule a consultation to review your results and help you grow through your challenges and embrace your unique strengths.

Discover Your Enneagram Personality Type

The Nine Enneagram Type Descriptions:

1) The Responsible Perfectionist
The Visionary, Analytic Type: Ethical, Strong-willed, Self-Controlled, Perfectionist, and Conscientious.

2) The Generous Helper
The Considerate, Social Type: Communicative, Giving, Warm-natured, People-
Centered, and Possessive

3) The Mover and Shaker
The Driven, Sensible Type: Versatile, Results-Orientated, Ambitious, and Image-

4) The Independent Creative
The Self-aware, Reserved Type: Passionate, Sensitive, Narcissistic, and Mercurial

5) The Quiet Observer
The Passionate, Analytical Type: Discerning, Creative, Enigmatic, and Self-sufficient

6) The Devoted Sceptic
The Loyal, Security-Oriented Type: Charming, Responsible, Apprehensive, Prepared
and Skeptical

7) The Enthusiastic Adventurist
The Active, Merry Type: Adventurous, Flexible, Preoccupied, Future-orientated and

8) The Protective Challenger
The Strong, Assertive Type: Self-Assured, Influential, Strong-willed, and

9) The Harmonious Mediator
The Laidback, Unpretentious Type: Patient, Open-minded, Supportive, Pleasing, and

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