The full moon symbolizes the completion of the waxing cycle, and it’s a great time to see our intentions come to fruition. The full moon’s energy is also a powerful tool that can aid us in letting go of intentions or things in our lives that are no longer serving us.

While it’s great to use the energy of the full moon, these rituals can be performed anytime. If you’re feeling called to release anything in your life, here’s a simple release ritual that may just do the trick:


Choose and Prepare your space:

As with any ritual, it’s important that you choose a safe space that you’re comfortable with and that you resonate with. When people imagine a full moon ritual, they usually picture being outside and in nature. There’s no right or wrong here, so make sure you’re doing what feels good for you. A great idea is to start inside and then work your way outside, especially when it’s time to start burning things.


Clear and Cleanse your space:

When your aim is to release and let go of what’s no longer serving you, it’s a great idea to clear any stagnant energy that may be stuck in your physical space. Here are a few ways you can go about this:

• Light your sage smudge stick or use palo santo.
• Grab your favorite candles and light them.
• Burn incense (Frankincense is always great).
• Fill an empty spray bottle with purified water and your favorite essential oils.
• Set an intention and call in your angels and guides to help you with this cleansing ritual.

These are all great ways to help you cleanse the energy from your space before performing the ritual and ensures that it’s free of any old energy. This will allow you to easily connect with your intuition and the Universe.

Crystals are also great to include in your ritual and will help support your sacred energies, including your heart, third eye, and crown chakras. Here are a few crystals that may help you:

• Heart – Rose Quartz
• Third Eye – Amethyst
• Crown Chakra – Clear Quartz


Create a list of everything you want to release:

If you’re unsure of what you’re being called to release, spend some time meditating or quietly listening to pings from your inner guidance. Trust that your Higher Self is guiding you in the right direction, so write anything that comes to mind without passing judgment. Don’t stress details, including whether your handwriting is ugly or whether your list is too short. Simply trust that it’s as it should be.


Set your intention:

Everything that happens in the Universe is born from an intention. While setting intentions for the new moon is all about things that you wish to see come to fruition, the full moon is all about setting intentions to rid yourself of negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may no longer serve you.

You can start your intention by writing the following sentences: “I am releasing…” or “I am letting go of…”

A great way to level up your intentions is by tapping into the divine. Call upon your angels and guides and ask them to guide you through this powerful releasing ritual.

Here’s an example if you’re feeling stuck: “I am letting go of feelings of low self-worth, and welcoming love into my life.”


Create space for the Universe to assist you:

When releasing things that no longer serve you, you’re clearing space for incredible new things to come into your life. However, it’s important that you take your time. We can often feel like we need to fill this space with shiny new things – money, love, career- all those things are great, but invite the divine to fill up this space instead. Allow the universe to bring you what you need and not what you want.

This may seem counterintuitive, but the Universe’s only objective is to serve your greatest good. Therefore, be open to receiving what the divine has to offer, no matter what it is. It may actually help to bring you into better alignment with your authentic self and the divine.

Burn your list:

This is the very epitome of releasing your intentions into the Universe. While many people prefer burning their list, you don’t have to do this if it doesn’t resonate with you. Choose what feels best for you, which can even be burying your list or crumpling it and throwing it in the trash.


Ground your intention:

Once you’ve released your list into the ether, it’s time to ground your intention with a small crystal or a simple rock. This will act as a reminder of your desire to release what no longer serves you and align with your greatest good. After you’ve burned your list, infuse the crystal or rock with its energy, which you can do by simply speaking it out loud. The energy of the full moon is often used to recharge crystals, so make sure that you leave yours outside.

Having this small reminder in your pocket or under your pillow allows you to continue to embrace the energy and support of the Universe and serves as a little reminder of what you have released.


Have a closing ceremony:

You’re not done yet! A great way to end off is to thank yourself, the Universe, your angels, ancestors and guides, for helping you to perform this ritual and allowing you to release whatever was stagnating or holding you down.

A simple: “I am grateful for this opportunity to release …”

This is not a must, but it is a nice treat. Hop into an Epsom salt bath and enjoy a little soak. Visualize the water cleansing your energy as the debris washes down the drain. Epsom salt is known to naturally relax the body, but it’s helpful to visualize the water cleansing your energy too.

We hope this full moon ritual has helped you to release and let go of anything that was holding you back. Happy RELEASING!