Spiritual Sovereignty

When we think of controlling or managing our lives, we mostly think of self-rule in three main areas, which are thought, will, and action.

  • Think about your life. Are you really in control of your thoughts, will, and actions? Or are you conditioned to think and behave in certain ways?

By taking a thorough mental account, I think you will notice that there are quite a few areas where you are restricted. This may be by law or social and cultural conventions.
The misinformation that pervades society, affects our thoughts and therefore our actions. More accurately, many of us are controlled because we lack the correct knowledge.
After all, knowledge is power, and learning the truth is the basis of sovereignty.

What is Sovereignty?

Simply put, sovereignty is supreme power and authority. When it comes to political theory, sovereignty, takes the meaning of ultimate overseer, or authority, in the decision-making process of the state and in the maintenance of order.

The word is derived from the Latin superanus through the French souveraineté, the term was originally understood to mean the equivalent of supreme power. However, its application in practice often has departed from this traditional meaning.

There are various types of sovereignty including Nominal arid real, legal, political, popular, spiritual, and personal sovereignty, just to name a few.

Personal sovereignty refers to the intrinsic power and authority of an individual to determine his or her own destiny and direction. Personal sovereignty and free wills are one and the same.

Being a sovereign person means the ability to choose one’s actions without being coerced by anyone else. We have personal sovereignty to the degree that there is free will in all, national or personal choices.

Characteristics of Sovereignty

According to political science professor, J.W Garner, there are certain characteristics or attributes of sovereignty. These are:


  • 1. Permanence – Sovereignty lasts as long as an independent state lasts.

    2. Exclusiveness – There is only one sovereign and no association can compete with it.
    3. All-Comprehensiveness – Every individual and every association of individuals is subject to the sovereignty of the state.
    4. Inalienability – The State cannot part with its sovereignty and stay sovereign.
    5. Unity – The sovereign state is united just as the citizens are united.
    6. Imprescriptibly – If the sovereign does not exercise his sovereignty for a certain period of time, it does not lead to the destruction of sovereignty.
    7. Indivisibility – Sovereignty cannot be a divided state.
    8. Absoluteness – Sovereignty is absolute and unlimited. Sovereignty is subject to none.
    9. Originality – The sovereign wields power by virtue of his own right and not by virtue of anybody’s mercy.

We can compare these characteristics with our individual sovereignty and gauge our levels of personal freedom.

Legal Sovereignty

  • Legal sovereignty is the legal power and authority to issue final commands. It is the authority to attribute final legal force. In every independent state, there are laws that must be obeyed by the people along with the power to issue and enforce these laws. The power which has the legal authority to issue and enforce these laws is legal sovereignty.
    It is believed, that the Corporate United States is privately owned by a group of European Royal and Elite individuals tied to the Federal Reserve System, and the letters of incorporation are recorded in the Vatican.
    All government agencies work under the assumption that you have consented to abide by their rules but you can nullify this assumption at any time.
  • At birth, we enter (without our consent) into an invisible contract with the group or groups (ethnic, national, etc.) that our parents/guardians belong to. Our consent is presumed through our birth certificates and social security numbers.
    We don’t know our rights and we are not in a position to assert them at birth so our parents/guardians act on our behalf.
    The good news is that there is a way to regain the control that was taken from us at birth.
    You can find more information about achieving legal sovereignty by visiting ZeroPoint University.

Spiritual Sovereignty

Spiritual sovereignty is achieved when people realize that they are the total creators of their reality and have sole accountability for their thoughts, words, and deeds.
It is our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about reality that make situations what they are at any given moment. We must realize just how much our internal environment shapes our experience of our external reality.
Your thoughts, deeds, and words have the power to create your daily reality!

Everyone’s path is personal to them, and at some point, we must take full responsibility for ourselves.
Every soul has a purpose and a plan and it’s our life’s purpose to get in touch with it. This is something that no one can do for us.
In our life’s journey, people may help us, or provide us with tools. This may cause some of us to look at these people as a savior or leader.
It would be greatly beneficial for humanity to get out of the mind-set of hierarchy. This should be replaced with personal responsibility and collaboration.
Spiritual sovereignty is also about creating satisfaction and inner security within ourselves.
This entails creating a life that satisfies us and that mirrors the people we are on the inside.
Doing this makes it much easier to lay the foundation for our basic outer security such as, health, stable relationships, and economic independence, and merging our physical and spiritual wellness is what Feel The Merge is all about.

Why you should attain sovereignty now!

Attaining spiritual sovereignty by creating your ideal life of freedom, requires that you commit to learning the truth about yourself and the society we live in.

This requires a study on multiple spiritual and economical topics that will ignite healing in your heart and teach you how to protect and create generational wealth.


The proper knowledge of how to attain legal sovereignty and protect your assets is crucial, and freedom through spiritual sovereignty is equally as important. Act now! You can embark on your journey to sovereignty here.