Theme: Independence- Develop your inner knowing and leadership skills. Make empowered decisions confidently and courageously lays the foundation for others to follow.

You’re a natural-born leader that’s always seeking to control their environment. This can pertain to relationships, work, or even self-discipline. You’re self-motivated, a hard worker, and independent, which allows you to flourish in competitive environments. However, you’re easily swayed by your inner critic, giving in to its malicious whispers that tell you you’re not good enough. When this happens, it’s vital to observe your thoughts and switch up the dialogue.

There are three levels to your development when on this Life Path. The first stage manifests as you begin to examine how you feel about being dependent. This self-examination will focus on feelings of dependency related to family or your environment, and how it shapes your identity.

The second aspect of this development will find you attempting to differentiate yourself and attempting to let go of feelings related to dependence. This surrendering can manifest as rebellion. But this is not an easy or quick process. Once you’ve managed to come out on the other side with a healthy sense of independence, you’ll then have the opportunity to move into achievement.

As you grapple with your newfound independence, you may find that you tend to be insecure. However, honing your skills will allow you to create a sense of security, and will infuse you with a sense of self-confidence. You’re a trailblazer that’s capable of reaching great success and achievement if you’re able to master complete trust in your skills. You thrive in a managing position of some kind, and you may feel stagnant if you’re not out there attempting to overcome obstacles.

Along with a sense of entrepreneurship, you also have immense creative energy, making you an incredible inventor or entrepreneur. You’ll be working at your best if you’re utilizing this energy to create new concepts or/and imagining new things. The constant challenge that you face is to be persistent and mindful about developing your sense of being self-assured, self-sufficient, and grounded.

As you develop your leadership skills, you may find yourself not wanting to listen to the perspectives of others. You’re more successful when you lead, but remember that you cannot do this alone. During 1 Life Path, you’ll know that you’re aligned and working at your best when you’re tapping into the following energies: resilience, being bold, innovation, and listening to your intuition.