Theme: Cooperation- Learning to intuitively relate to others with patience, tact, and attention to detail.

One of the greatest gifts that you receive from the Universe is empathy. It’s no surprise then that you’re at your happiest when you’re being of service to family, friends, or yourself, and you would excel within a service-orientated career. Because you instinctively carry the emotions of others, you are a highly sensitive person, and this may cause you to get your feelings hurt daily. Therefore, the constant lesson that you’re learning throughout your life is how to develop strong emotional boundaries and not change who you are to please others or to avoid conflict.

As someone who attempts to dodge conflict at all costs, you’re continually looking for validation from others when conflict does arise. But despite this, the energy of this number offers you a deep well of love. The desire for giving and receiving unconditional love, coupled with an urge to be of service, and your empathy will bring amazing things into your life. However, it will also deliver plenty of challenges. The key is to love without reaching the point of desperation. When you learn to master the art of balance concerning your intense need for love, you’ll find an endless well of security and support.

While the essential energy that surrounds you and this number is all about love and being of service, don’t expect any form of validation. The reason for this is simple – your challenge during this lifetime is to turn inward and seek personal validation. It’s easy for you to judge yourself based on what you believe others think of you. During this time, you’ll need to develop trust in yourself and give yourself the props you rightfully deserve. While you are the go-to person when it comes to guidance from friends and family, you can often fall prey to completely giving yourself to others. If you don’t create boundaries, you may find yourself getting angry and resentful for not being appreciated.

During 2 Life Path, you’ll know that you’re aligned and working at your best when you’re tapping into the following energies: being loving, being fair-minded, having patience, and service-orientated work.