Theme: Freedom, Change- Learning to cope with sudden change and be open to learning through experience and travel.

This Life Path is all about experiencing the physical pleasures that life has to offer, with an emphasis on pleasure. Variety is the spice of life. Otherwise, you tend to get bored quite quickly. You crave adventure and experiences that allow you to express your sensuality, and experience life to the fullest – tantalizing all your sense in the process.

This is a Life Path that’s filled with immense energy, which trickles into all facets of your life. If you aren’t utilizing your high energy and drive, life can feel a bit mundane, which causes you to create your sense of excitement through “drama”.

When it comes to relationships, you need space and freedom. This desire to not be controlled applies to relationships and careers, as you’re likely to dive into the world of entrepreneurship to avoid being at the mercy of someone else’s authority.

You don’t enjoy being bored, and your need to seek constant entertainment or pleasure may lead you to escape through books or movies. Because this is a number that’s all about sensual pleasures, you tend to hop from one relationship to the next, seeking excitement and pleasure as you go along. While you crave the sensual pleasures of life, your constant need to satisfy this itch may lead you down a path of addiction. The key is to develop self-discipline and a routine in your life that allows you to create healthy boundary walls for your endless energy. If you fail to do this, along with not focusing on your sense of purpose, you will be swallowed by the chaos, leading your life to feel like it’s out of control. If you resist the major aspects of this Life Path, you’ll experience depression, anxiety, and endless frustration. It’s best to create a structure for your energy and intentions, which will then allow you to live a life that’s exciting and fulfilling.

During 5 Life Path, you’ll know that you’re aligned and working at your best when you’re tapping into the following energies: self-discipline, being bold, and adventurous.