Theme: Responsibility- The ultimate balancing act. Live in freedom and responsibility.

A person with a 6 Life Path is a natural nurturer who cares about the problems of the world while taking on lots of responsibility. Understanding that your obligations are one of the fundamental aspects of this Life Path will save you plenty of frustration and resentment. However, your lesson lies in consciously balancing your sense of responsibility.

Creativity seeps from your pores, and you may find joy in pursuing creative endeavors such as music. You’re someone who would prefer to manage their work, as you’re someone who despises taking instruction from others. “Control freak” is a term that you may feel is appropriate when used to describe you, but it’s vital that you consciously reflect on this every once in a while.

You tend to see the bigger picture, and it perplexes you when others can’t. You’re a visionary, but this also makes you a perfectionist. You’d prefer to do it yourself, and do it right, rather than let anyone else do it. This can lead you to be seen as indispensable by those around you, but despite having made yourself invaluable, you will end up resenting it.

This Life Path is all about learning to understand that everyone has their process and pace – including you. You’ll find happiness when you lean into your nurturing and compassionate side.

During 6 Life Path, you’ll know that you’re aligned and working at your best when you’re tapping into the following energies: allowing others to go about their process without judging them, being nurturing, trusting in your vision, and finding a conscious balance when it comes to responsibility.