Theme: Wisdom- Develop your inner world through spiritual knowledge and investigation.

The number 7 is all about moving inward. And when it comes to this Life Path, it’s about learning to have faith in yourself and others. This is also a number that holds a lot of spiritual energy, so you’ll need to have a strong spiritual foundation. You enjoy seeking truth and knowledge, demonstrating that you have immense intellectual potential. You’re someone who loves consuming information, making sense of it, and then sharing it with like-minded people.

However, you may feel as if you’re out of place. You may also sense that you’re an old soul on your journey in this material world and that you’re only a completely different frequency than other people. You’re naturally intuitive, but this often clashes with your analytic mind, which can leave you feeling confused. Try not to suppress your intuition, as it will only lead to unhappiness and poor health. Instead, try and find a balance and respect for your analytic mind and your intuitive abilities.

This is a journey that will find you turning inward, allowing you to get to know yourself more deeply and authentically. Meditation, spending time in nature, exercise to help get your energy moving, and self-care are all excellent ways to help you create a life that’s filled with harmony. You’ll also find yourself learning how to connect emotionally to others and yourself.

During 7 Life Path, you’ll know that you’re aligned and working at your best when you’re tapping into the following energies: finding a bridge between intuition and your methodical mind, connecting with your emotions and not being afraid to be vulnerable, and finding peace within yourself.