Theme: Completion- LET GO! Follow your Gut-Feeling to Freedom.

The 9 Life Path has one of the most powerful energies in numerology, as it contains characteristics from all the numbers. If reincarnation is something that you believe in, then you may feel as though you’re an old soul having a physical experience, returning to tie up some loose ends. If reincarnation is not something that you subscribe to, then believe that the purpose of your life is to grow through the endless spiritual challenges that you will inevitably experience.

Your life journey entails learning to let go and surrender while acting upon higher spiritual ideals as you define them. You have a strong urge to pursue what you believe in, doing this with great gusto and drive. You have a genuine interest in humanity, and your goals center on serving others.

One of the qualities of the 9 Life Path is that you may have some issues with your family. This may manifest as codependency or enmeshment. You’ll need to find a way to set healthy boundaries with your family and let go of destructive tendencies that don’t serve you.

You thrive when you’re listening to your inner voice and engaging with your spiritual side. You have incredible charisma which you can use to your advantage. You’d work well within the creative field, but you’d also flourish as an entrepreneur. The key is to choose work that lights you up and brings meaning into your life. When you’re harnessing your energy, you’re a force to be reckoned with, bringing about transformation.

You’re so good at giving and supporting others, that they may not even notice that you’re drowning. Try to let down your walls and ask for help when you need it. It’s often difficult for others to gauge your needs, so okay to ask for help.

You’re thriving when you’re going with the flow rather than swimming upstream where you tend to mull over old hurtful experiences in your mind. It’s crucial that you try to let go of the past and not live in them. Be gentle with yourself as you attempt to move forward, and spend time in the present.

During 9 Life Path, you’ll know that you’re aligned and working at your best when you’re tapping into the following energies: embracing new experiences and living in the present, releasing unhealthy family dynamics, and giving back to the world through your gifts.