The master number 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. If you have the Master number 11 as your Life Path, you have all the fundamental qualities of the number too, along with the strengths and challenges that this number brings with it. You’re also a double 1 – which is all about leadership and self-confidence. While number 2 is all about balance and love.

Your special mission, if you choose to accept it, is understanding and using your creative gifts, intuition, and healing abilities to help humanity. This can seem overwhelming, but you stay the course in several ways including, dance, music, writing, or teaching. You are here to share your gifts through creative or artistic expression, no matter the form. Service-orientated work is also an arena that your natural talents and abilities will thrive in, allowing you to make a more profound impact.

With Master number 11, there’s just something about you that those around you can’t seem to put their finger on. Your healing energies are capable of reaching people by your presence alone. People may even state that they feel better after speaking to you or feel a bit calmer when they’re around you.

Keep in mind, you’re extremely sensitive to criticism and putting yourself out there because this brings criticism from outside forces—and that makes you very uncomfortable. You of all people need to learn the art of psychic self-protection and not taking things too personally.

While the number 2 suggests that you shy away from being center stage, all Master Numbers demand that you take on some type of leadership role. Unfortunately, this will allow one of your challenges to bubble to the surface – self-criticism. It’s best to learn how not to take things so personally, although this is easier said than done.

While the Master number offers you inspired leadership and accomplishment, you will feel as though you’re jumping through hoops to get there. You’re at your best when you’re utilizing your creativity and healing abilities to transform others through compassion and service. You may tend to feel as though what you’re doing is not good enough, and that maybe you can do better. The key is to create a direct line to your intuition, relying on it to guide you. When doing this, you’ll have less of a hard time discovering your true passion and acting upon it.

However, the challenge is to ensure that your ego doesn’t take center stage, as the intensity of the double 1 tends to do this.